Some Feedback left

for Jane Ann

Jane Ann has patiently provided several past life readings for me now.  Remarkably they are hauntingly reflective of aspects of my present linear life.  She has an extraordinary gift and clarity of description which has to be experienced to understand the importance of having a reading with her.  I heartily recommend that you don't hesitate to contact Jane Ann.

Thank you for your reading it was very helpful and explains a lot.

Thank you Jane for your amazing report. I can relate to many of the things you picked up on especially the connection to animals and the American Indian life. I am always drawn to American Indian relaxation music and American Indian shops.

I am happily surprised that you also sensed me in the Victorian time as I also felt I once belonged and miss so much. I once had the opportunity to experience a short past life regression and saw myself in Victorian time.What you saw seen to be really accurate to what I had seen myself and what was really interesting was that it seems to have some similarities with my current life as well. All I can say, is you were spot on.

Hi Jane Ann.  Many thanks for your speedy response!  Loved my reading and it definitely resonated with me!  I will meditate on it and I am sure it will help me with my overwhelm at the moment by bringing things to the surface to clear.  Many thanks, and also for your good wishes.

I have had several readings from Jane Ann and find her readings intuitive and uncannily resonant of past memories remnants of which have surfaced in my present linear life.  I feel confident that her insight is genuinely channelled and her work sincere

Hi Jane Ann,

I really enjoyed looking at the past-life reading you sent to me, and I noticed quite a few similarities with my present life. In this life I live in a fishing village, and used to go fishing with my dad when I was a young girl. French was my top subject at school, came top of the year a few times and got B at O level with very little revision! I'm small in this life too and have Spanish blood, but from my mother’s side. My mother also had depression in this life, and that could be hard to deal with as she had very black moods. I have had a lot of stomach problems over the years in this life too, it has been the site of most of my operations. The person I felt I had “recognised” makes me laugh a lot, and I’ve always felt he would be a good “playmate”, but I couldn't understand why I felt quite protective of him, until now!

I am not sure what I was expecting when I asked for  a past life reading. I was probably just curious about previous lives, maybe I was something glamorous like a scientist, a queen, a pirate  and I just put my question, which I never told anyone, just in case. What I did not expect was the emotion that I experienced as I was reading it. It felt real. I felt grief as I has just lost my brother again. I think this might give me peace.

You also described exactly the way I feel about religion today. This has not changed 400 years later.

Dear Jane Ann, I deeply felt every single word of your reading and I had constant goose bumps recalling the past with  your narration.  It's impressive because there are so many things in common with my current life.. it almost seems I'm living a modern  version of that previous incarnation! I'll use this knowledge to heal out-of-date constrictions and allow a different  ending to this new story. It's been really helpful, thank you so much. Blessings to you, kind Soul. X

Dear Jane Ann, Thank you for my reading. It was very touching and I can relate to it totally.

Hi there Jane Anne, Just to say that I was very impressed with your reading, in fact, I was bowled over by it!!! While knowing nothing about me, you were spot on regarding the pain I suffer in my upper right thigh, which remains despite different treatments over the last 2 decades, and baffles doctors as to what is the cause/cure. I have always felt it was a previous life injury and that i died as you described, (although I felt I was Austrian rather than Russian), and everything else you said just resonates deep within! I hate the cold, (my leg becomes immobile the colder it gets), and I always hog the heaters even in summer!!! I still look thin and gaunt (although I'm shorter this time) and panic if I have to stay away from home in case I can't get back - it just makes so much sense. I was very emotional after the reading, especially since it gave me more questions than answers, but one week on, I feel as though a big weight has been lifted and I can finally move forward, as I have been 'stuck' for some time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for doing that on my behalf. Really appreciated.

Hi Jane, Was very intrigued by what you wrote.  Sometimes with these past life readings, it helps people understand a lot more with why they feel a certain way in present life. Thank you for your time Jane.

Dear Jane, I'm very surprised and moreover have no words to describe your reading.  The middle section on the 1600's is almost something I can remember. Being a healer really makes sense as to my spiritual personality.  I appreciate your time in giving me this direction. So much thanks.

I will have to explore it more. Thanks for your help. Very best wishes.

Hi Jane, Thank you for the past life reading received a few days ago. I found it very interesting and although I didn't resonate with some of it, I feel that mainly it is relevant to my present life. Thanks again and all the best

Dear Jane Ann, Thank you so much for the reading, it truly is amazing and you are so gifted to be able to do that. It explains why I don't really like France very much. Also it explains why I've had a huge fear of water and drowning from as far back as I can remember. Thank you so much for clarifying this for me.

Thank you very much, Jane Ann! It's surprising, you have looked into the area that affects me today. Your suggestion is really helpful! :)

Amazing reading, thank you. I already had my own ideas about my past lives, & these where strikingly similar to what you have now told me, funnily enough i have spent most of my working life working in a hospital & care homes, I'm also from the north of England, not very close to my family, & i love being out in the wilderness. I also remember once when i was younger, being out on a day trip in north Wales with my dad, & I knew exactly what was round the corner, my dad asked how i knew, as we had never been there before, but it was exactly how I pictured it in my mind, I  jokingly said i must have remembered it from a past life! It would have been even more amazing to have been told names, but still a fantastic reading all the same, thank you so much.

Thank you for my reading. I found it very interesting and am keen to explore PLR more. I can relate to what you say and have a great love of France.

Thank you so much for my reading it has taken me a while to understand it and after this period I have  pieced the things together.

I still have the stomach complaint and when i was young I always dreamt that i was being chased and it went on for many years and I could not explain it until now. Also I used to travel at night above the houses like I was flying. The soul with the brown eyes does not ring a bell but it might mean I have not met him yet. If possible I would like to go  back further.

Thank you for my reading, which really helped me because I recognised the feelings I had in that life to the feelings I am going through in my present life, even to the fact that I am very sensitive in my present life also. I am going to take your advice and try to let go of those feelings. Thank you very much for your advice.

Jane's reading leads to me realize all my repetitive issues. Thus, I have an opportunity to understand all reasons which I could not find out this lifetime. After her reading; it becomes easy to forgive people who have played same role in this life time.Then, my heart have ready to let go and move on from any old and this lifetime residues. I would like to say thank you Jane  to give me this chance.

Jane's reading provided a level of detail I've not experienced with past readings. There were uncannily similar themes to the current life and the reading helped me to understand my obsession about wanting children in this life. Thank you.