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The Past Life Therapists Association

Hypnotherapy South West

Virginstow  Beaworthy  

Devon EX21 5EA

United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0)1409 211559

 Mobile: 07787 577823

 Fax: 0871 7334091


The Past Life Therapists Association


Self Regression Downloads starting at just £15

Perfectly safe high quality downloads for you to experience a  Past Life Regression today in your own home, anywhere in the World.   Recorded exclusively for the  Past Life Therapists Association  by the Chairman, Andrew Hillsdon.

A unique blend of meditation and self hypnosis taking you on an exciting journey into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind opening other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time.

You are gently led into a beautifully calm state of mind using visualisation and relaxation techniques. You won't fall asleep and will remain in control and fully aware of what is happening. It is a perfectly safe natural state of mind. You will be able to experience your past lives in your minds eye as if you are actually there as it happens.

Not recommended for children under the age of 16.

For curiosity based regressions only. For therapy please visit one of our recommended therapists.  

To find one in your area, please CLICK HERE