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The Past Life Therapists Association

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The Past Life Therapists Association



Our Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy courses

are recognised and supported by the following:

Jenny Smedley

Globally renowned Author and Past Life consultant.

My first reaction when I opened the file on the course was that it was laid out in a very inviting way. Easy to read and spaced out in a way that made you feel that you were making good progress right from the word go. It wasn't daunting at all. As I progressed through the course I was very impressed with how comprehensive it was, covering every aspect and leaving no questions the student might have had unanswered. It even takes you step by step though the procedure of setting up your own business, including premises, insurance and advertising.

The greatest attention was paid to making the experience of past life regression a wonderful and reassuring experience for the future clients, while ensuring also that the therapist would remain in complete control of any situation that might arise.

Having completed this course I feel very confident in regressing people professionally, partly because I have the reassurance of the designers of this course behind me should I feel the need any further advice.   


The online division of Stonebridge Associated Colleges.


York College of Past Life Regression Studies

Who have specialised in Past Life Regression and Spiritual Development for over 30 years.