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The Past Life Therapists Association


Interlife Therapy Diploma Course



This lesson covers the preparation required to allow our clients to experience a rich and rewarding Interlife Therapy experience. Personal energy and vibrational frequency are very important because of the much higher energy levels experienced when exploring the spirit world. Several energy improving techniques are presented along with an understanding of the various levels of consciousness that an individual possesses.

Energy retrieval methods are offered to enable the client to reach the necessary levels of vibrational frequency.

The Spiritual Journey

This section of the course shows us how to access the spiritual world between lifetimes, communication with the subconscious mind, relaxation techniques, regressions and inductions. Several different inductions are shown along with a presentation of several alternative themes. Different methods are given to facilitate access to the between-lives state.

Interlife Therapy Exploration

This lesson takes our Interlife Therapy explorer through the various stages that can be encountered within the spiritual plane. Each step is explained in detail along with numerous unexpected variations.

Case Studies

A look at a few of the regressions that both myself and other therapists have conducted, chosen to illustrate the amazing diversity of experiences. The number of studies is limited as I feel it is important for the student to create their own cases.

5. Overview

Here we have a summary of the whole process with an easy access reiteration of all the scripts. Some of the excellent publications available are in the recommended reading section. There are details about the Past Life Therapists Association and other courses available.

Scripts can also be downloaded from the Internet for ease of printing.