Professional Liability Insurance Scheme

 Balens Limited

Underwritten by Zurich Insurance plc

Discounted premiums are from £54.16 for £4,000,000 cover.

(Please note: All policies run from 1st June so there will be a pro-rata amount to pay in the interim period.

This may be slightly higher.)

Similar disciplines can be added to your policy at no extra cost.

Available to practitioners in the UK

 For all locations other than the UK, please contact Balens Direct

For all locations other than the UK, please contact Balens Direct

Click HERE to apply on-line

Click HERE to download an application form to post to Balans with a cheque.

For the purpose of insurance only, PLTA are Introducer Appointed Representatives of Balens Limited who are authorised and regulated by the

Financial Conduct Authority.

Please note: The PLTA are not authorised to give Insurance advice or to apply

for insurance on your behalf.

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