Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get insurance if I do a Distance Learning course?

Yes of course. We even have our own very competitive optional scheme available through the Association. Details can be found in the course notes.

How long does it take to do this course?

This is a very flexible course and you can decide how it is run. You can study for anything up to a year so you can choose a suitable time and pace which fits in with your lifestyle. Generally we say that it will take about two months but some students have successfully completed it in much less time.

Do I have to attend any practical workshops?

No. This subject is easy to understand through distance learning techniques. In many ways it has advantages over residentially based courses because you have much more time to learn at your own pace. You have 100% attention from your tutor rather than being one of a dozen or so students.

Yes, but what about having a practise?

As an option we encourage students to practise with  willing volunteers. Once you have read the lessons, you will find that you will be confident in doing this and a tutor does not have to be present, in some ways it would be intimidating if there was. If you do decide to do this then full support and feedback will be given.

Who is my Tutor?

Courses are personally tutored by Andrew Hillsdon. He has written all the courses and you can contact him at any reasonable time via email, post or telephone for unlimited support.

Do I need a computer to do this course?

No not at all. If you choose the paper version and telephone or write for support, no computer is necessary.

How often would I need to contact my Tutor?

This is entirely up to you. It is your course and you decide how it is done. Some students hardly ever contact their tutor, they just run through to the end and then request the final exam. Others have unlimited support if needed.

Do I have to travel to take the final exam?

No, this is done in your own home. The exam is an ‘Open Book’ type, which is common in distance learning. It means that you can take it with no time limits and even refer to your notes if required. We  want to see that you have the ability to access the information and the content of your answers will let us know how competent you are.

I am not in the UK. Can I still train with you?

Yes, both online and paper versions are available Worldwide. The online version has a translation facility on every lesson allowing them to be viewed in over 40 different languages.

What about in the USA. I understand we have different laws here.

Most States do not have licensure requirements, so there is no problem.

Please CLICK HERE for all the State Laws information.

Are there any extra hidden costs that I should be aware of?

No, the price you see is fully inclusive and includes everything.