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Alice Friend

Vera Cruz 15  Alozaina    Malaga   29567    Map

Telephone: (34) 952 480067



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Alice is a counsellor, Medium, Reiki Master, New Decision Healing Practitioner and Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist.

Her purpose is to help people understand and make a commitment to their True Nature.

NEW DECISION HEALING - is a very effective healing that re-programs the DNA through FORGIVENESS to clear emotions of guilt, regret and anger.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY - has deep physical, emotional,mental and spiritual healing results that can transform your life now. Re-occurring destructive habits,depression, guilt, anxiety, illness and negative cycles are just some of the ailments that Past Life Regression can gently and safely address.


•  Diploma in Hypnotherapy

•  Diploma in Past Life Therapy

•  Certificate in New Decision Healing


• Member Past Life Therapists Association

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Jan Psencik

San Juan De Dios 25  Valencia  46011  Spain   Map

Tel:   +447877877660

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Who we are today is a collection of all our past actions, thoughts and experiences. If there is anything that is stopping us from living a happy and fulfilling life today; it is our negative thoughts, emotions and feelings or all of them combined together. All of these negative feelings were created at some point in the past, and all of them can be resolved and removed, quickly and easily, completely and for good.

In our practice, we use the most effective regression therapy techniques to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients, providing them with a practical, structured and logical approach to resolving all their problems such as trauma, fears and phobia, depression, stress, anger, hatred, jealousy, loneliness, grief from separation, burnout, relationship issues, and health issues.


• Past Live Regression Therapy – trained by Brian L. Weiss, M.D., the author of Many Lives, Many Masters


• Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

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