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Alice Friend

Vera Cruz 15  Alozaina    Malaga   29567    Map

Telephone: (34) 952 480067



Web Site:

Alice is a counsellor, Medium, Reiki Master, New Decision Healing Practitioner and Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist.

Her purpose is to help people understand and make a commitment to their True Nature.

NEW DECISION HEALING - is a very effective healing that re-programs the DNA through FORGIVENESS to clear emotions of guilt, regret and anger.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY - has deep physical, emotional,mental and spiritual healing results that can transform your life now. Re-occurring destructive habits,depression, guilt, anxiety, illness and negative cycles are just some of the ailments that Past Life Regression can gently and safely address.


•  Diploma in Hypnotherapy

•  Diploma in Past Life Therapy

•  Certificate in New Decision Healing


• Member Past Life Therapists Association

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