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Maya Hypnosis


Kali Jayne Fraser   Overseal  Swadlincote  South Derbyshire   DE12 6HY   Map

Tel: 07723 056759

web site:

email:      mayahypnosis@gmail .com

All that is exists in our psyches. As your spirit grows you find more and more that the world around you is an illusion. Healing through deep regression can clear the mind/body and balance the Karma and not only helps your life but can also transform the lives of your Family, Community, Nation and Ancestors. Each session aims to help you reconnect your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul back to Mother Earth, and function with your full energy. When the ancient eyes are open, you will recognize your true potential and you'll begin to move beyond the things or beings that held you back.

The 3 states that can be attained through Maya Hypnosis:

· One obtains a memory of everything – from the halls of learning to all past lifetimes, pains removed, gifts returned and knowledge acquired.

· One dies and "drops" ones physical body and is introduced to the light body.

· One is able to create ones Light body at will and travel in other dimensions in a transformed state of being; Time/Space travel is conceived.

 One's greatest weakness has the potential to become one's greatest strength.

Maya Hypnosis specialises in Transpersonal Psychology, Past-life Therapy, Future-life Therapy, Life between lives, Alien Abduction, the Cosmos, Ancient Egypt and can use these skills to help a variety of problems including Dyslexia, Fertility, PCOS, Bereavement, Fear/Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Focus, Developing and Enhancing ESP, Intuition, Sound Vibration, Balance, Lucid Dreaming, Soul Retrieval, Removal of Negative Blocks and Energies, Relationships, Rejection, Victims of Injustice, Rape, Bullying, Abuse, Motivation, Internal Martial Arts, energy/Qi, Protection, Weight issues, Confidence and any unexplained physical pains or mental dis-order/dis-comfort/dis-ease. Maya Hypnosis works on the belief that every problem, physical or mental, must start somewhere, at some time. Using hypnosis and the power of the unconscious mind we can revisit that time and find out how to stop it now. ‘No Impact No Fee Guarantee’.

Situated on the corner of 4 counties Maya Hypnosis is within 30mins of Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Tamworth and Loughborough and easily accessible from the M42.


• Diploma in Hypnotherapy

• Diploma in Past Life Therapy

• Diploma in Spirit Releasement Therapy

• Diploma in Ayurveda

• Diploma in NLP & certificate in EMDR

• Reiki Practitioner


Kali is registered and insured with the General Hypnotherapy Register.


• MPLTA  -   Member of The Past Life Therapists Association.

• GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register)

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Laura Anne Whitworth


Walton, Chesterfield, S40 3RE  Map

Tel: 07950 619924


Trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis which is the Technique of the late Dolores Cannon. Quantum Healing Hypnosis takes you on a journey through Past Lives lived in order to provide clarity, help and healing in this life. You will have a 2 hour ‘life interview’ with me at the start of your session where we discuss everything that has happened in your life that has had an effect on you.  When you are ready, we will then go into the Hypnotherapy session itself which will last up to 2 hours. We will view up to 3 past/parallel or future lives and then bring the Higher Self through for you to have the opportunity to ask your Higher Self any questions that you have. 4 hour sessions with me cost £120 and are available at 6 Raneld Mount, Walton, Chesterfield, S40 3RE.


• QHHT Level 1



• MPLTA  -   Member of The Past Life Therapists Association.

      • Quantum Healing Official and Beyond Quantum Healing

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