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1. Why is it suggested that you conduct an Initial Induction and a Return before going to find Past Lives?

7. What safeguard is in place for your Past Life explorer when they are actually within a previous lifetime?

8. Give three examples of a closed question you may use in past life regression.

9. Give three examples of an open question you may use in past life regression.

10. What is the difference between “triggered recall” and “spontaneous recall”?

11. What does LBL stand for?

12. Your client is well down the pathway looking for the right door. The next thing that happens is that all the

doors just fade away and nothing is seen except a grey mist. Explain what problem has occurred and how

you would deal with it.

13. Explain what the Akashic records are meant to be.

14. Why could it be helpful if your client has practiced meditation?

15. Give three different reasons why people wish to have past life regression?

16. How would you help your subject find a door if he/she is experiencing difficulty?

17. What problems could occur if doors are left open in past life regression?

18. During the initial exploration when walking down the path past the doors, you may find yourself

instructing  your client to imagine a brick wall across their path, and then telling them to knock it down.

Why would you do this?

19. Give an example of a leading question and explain why this sort of question should not be used.

20. How can a clients Past Life dreams be of help to you?

21. Outline three alternative theories as to what past life regression could be.

22. What is a Soul group?

23.State three theories about why we reincarnate.

24. What would you say to a client in past life regression who sees the path and the wall but can’t make

out the doors?

25. How can our Past Life traveller recognise a person who he/she knows in their present life?

26.Why is it difficult to practice with family and friends?

27. What is an NDE?

28. What should you check once your explorer has left a Past Life?

29. Explain Spontaneous Past Life Regression.

30. When would you need to use date regression?

31. Why would a part of the subconscious punish your client?

32. Why would a client's subconscious block access to previous lifetimes?

33. So that we can continually improve , please say what you have gained from this course and also if

there is anything else that you feel was missing which you would like to have seen.

2. Explain the principals of Soul Retrieval.

3. You are in the middle of a Past Life Regression with your client when he/she suddenly starts shaking

and bursts into tears. What is happening here and what do you do about it?

4. Why is it a good idea to ask your past life subject to describe the door they have been drawn to?

5. It is more difficult to get accurate names and dates in past life regression compared with the ability to

 see vivid detail. Explain the reason for this.