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The Past Life Therapists Association

Following the transfer of our training school to a new owner, we will continue to fully support our existing ongoing students with the provision of exercise and exam marking, email support and provision of remaining instalments.

As all courses have to complete in a maximum of 12 months, all support and instalment availability will cease on 31st May 2024.

To secure your remaining instalments, please click on the buttons below:

PLR and Hypnotherapy Course 6 Instalments PLR and Hypnotherapy Course 2 Instalments PLR and Hypnotherapy and Advanced Courses 4 Instalments PLR Course for Qualified Hypnotherapists 5 Instalments PLR Course for Qualified Hypnotherapists 2 Instalments PLR Course for Qualified Hypnotherapists and Advanced 4 Instalments  Advanced PLR Course 6 Instalments  Advanced PLR Course 2 Instalments Interlife LBL Course 2 Instalments Weight and Gastric Band Course 6 Instalments