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 ArkA, Soul

Healing Through Time

Plaine Wilhems District , Mauritius

Phone: 00230 59823827



My spiritual quest started back in 1997.  I always had an inquiring mind ever since I could remember as a child and I always questioned the rules and regulations of my Hindu upbringing which was not to the liking of my then maternal grandmother or priests!

I was labelled a Rebel at school after writing about my self portrait. Maybe, the teacher did not appreciate the fact that I was not someone to follow rules and regulations meekly and blindly.

I was thirsty for knowledge and very curious to explore different concepts to see whether they resonated deep down within myself...with my inner wisdom. Why did I have to accept someone else's point of view about life I should behave and live if it did not make sense to me?

I wanted to know and understand why did 'bad things happened to good people' and why things were going ‘wrong’ in my life as opposed to what I really wanted to happen. I started asking myself questions, Why did it sometimes feel that I was being a victim in most of my experiences and had no control over my life? Was I meant to live a life dictated by the whims and expectations of other people? Was that because of karma/fate/ destiny?

I found out that it was indeed...

Life comprises of pain and pleasure..most of the time..more suffering and torment than happiness and joy. The sooner I came to terms with this fact and accepted it instead of resisting the idea, the easier the concept of settling karmic debts made sense to me though it did not make it less painful going through those challenges.

We are all here to learn..the lessons that our souls have chosen prior to our our lives..on Earth. I believe that there are no accidents or coincidences in life as whatever we experience has a reason. People who come in our lives are there to either to learn from us or for us to teach them a lesson.

 We are all here because of 'good' or 'bad' Karma and we are all on a find and understand who we really are...and to experience love in its many forms after going through the many storms of our lives..

In my quest to find answers to my questions, from Mauritius through India to UK, I became a Master Reiki Healer, an Advance Pranic Healer, Angel cards/ Tarot card reader, Crystal therapist and finally a Hypnotherapist and an Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist.

 I was blessed to be able to attend various workshops by Doreen Virtue, Body, Mind and Soul/Spirit exhibitions, I Can Do It 2009 event by Hay House. In so doing, I interacted with DoreenVirtue, Louise Hay, Dr Brian Weiss, Dr David Hamilton, Heidi Sawyer,Lorraine Flaherty ,Denise Lynn and attended Dr Wayne Dyer’s talk about becoming self-sufficient.

I have come through some amazing books written by Trutz Hardo, Andy Tomlinson, Dr William Baldwin, Dr Shakuntala Modi, Sue Allen and Andrew Hillsdon.  These authors’ books and teachings have changed the course of my life, impacted a lot on my spiritual journey. I am grateful to them, and to everyone whom I have met in my life.

The combination of my life karmic lessons, experiences with people from all walks of life and necessary qualifications and knowledge/inner wisdom  have given me the tools and the abilities, not only to offer therapies but also to empower people to take control of their lives by doing self-healing work and contemplation.

And finally, my life purpose is to help spiritually minded people gain insights into their present life conditions regarding health, relationship, career and financial challenges, to help them turn their obstacles into opportunities by letting go and releasing anything that no longer serve them.

My question for you is whether you are ready to get to know your soul more deeply in a more meaningful way… If you are, then please do not hesitate to send me an email or phone me to ask for more details about HOW I could assist you on your quest..on your journey through time. As, it is only through the past that we can understand the present  and prepare ourselves for the future.

Past Life Regression is a life altering therapy and it is not meant for people who are not serious about making real changes to their lives...

I look forward to hear from you….Blessings be to all…….


• DPLT Diploma in Past Life Therapy and Hypnotherapy

• Adv.DPLT Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy

• DPLET Diploma in Past Life Energy Therapy

• Practitioner of Past Life Therapy

• Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Reiki Healer

• Advance Pranic Healing Certificate

• Pranic Psychotherapy Certificate

• Pranic Crystal Healing Certificate

• Pranic Healing Psychic Self Defence Certificate

• Auroma Crystal Healing Certificate

• Auroma Dowsing Certificate

• Melchizedek Practitioner Certificate level one and level two


• MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association - UK