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The Past Life Therapists Association


Future Life Progression Diploma Course

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For already qualified Hypnotherapists and Past Life Therapists

The fully comprehensive price for this course is $500. Instalment plans also available. See ‘Price Plans

• We have endeavoured to make this course the most comprehensive available with numerous techniques, case studies and over forty scripts.

• It has the convenience of being totally distance learning and is therefore free from geographical restrictions or need to attend workshops. This type of therapy ideally lends itself to distance learning techniques.

• All our courses are written in a Plain English style, avoiding unnecessary jargon, making the techniques easy to learn.

• There is full and unlimited support and students can contact the Tutor at any time for help and guidance and therefore costs can be kept to a  minimum, allowing us to provide quality training at a very reasonable price. As the course is provided and managed by the Past Life Therapists Association we remain up to date with all aspects of the ever developing procedures within this therapy.

• You have up to a year to complete the course, although on average it will take about two months so you can proceed at a pace which fits in with your circumstances. You have control over your training.

• Both online and paper versions are available Worldwide. The online version has a translation facility on every lesson allowing them to be viewed in over 40 different languages.

• On completion of the course you will have the necessary skills and recognised qualifications to practise as a Future Life Progression Therapist . You will then hold your Diploma in Future Life Progression  and  will be entitled to use the letters DFLP after your name.

• Students do have the option to practice with volunteers if they wish, and this will also  be fully supported and feedback given.

• For other information please see our FAQ’s

Details    Course Content      Synopsis     Student Criteria      Price Plans      Enrol     Your Tutor    

Student Criteria

You have to hold an existing qualification in Hypnotherapy or Past Life Therapy. Details will be required at enrolment.

For other information please see our FAQ’s

You do not have to be a member of the PLTA to enrol for the course.

Details    Course Content      Synopsis     Student Criteria      Price Plans      Enrol     Your Tutor    

Price Plans

Paper Version - supplied in a professionally printed A4 Manual

Paper  - Whole Course - One single payment of $500   Enrol Here

*      *      *     *      *      *

Online Versions - Links are sent to you via email to access Internet based lessons.

Online  - Whole Course - One single payment of $500   Enrol Here

*      *      *     *      *      *

Online  - Two Instalments of $270   Enrol Here

1st Instalment -  Introduction and Lessons 1, 2 and 3

2nd Instalment - Lessons 4, 5 and 6.  Plus  the exam and Diploma.

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Details    Course Content      Synopsis     Student Criteria      Price Plans      Enrol     Your Tutor