Future Life Progression Diploma Course Synopsis


Lesson One

Future Life Progression

Starting off with an elaborate metaphorical story this lesson illustrates the concepts of linear time and our journey through our many lifetimes. We then consider the reasons that prospective clients have for wanting this therapy. Hypnosis, the tool used for this therapy is also discussed.

Lesson Two

The Journey

First we address the reservations that many therapists have regarding Future Life Progression. We then learn the structure and themes of the journey we use to explore our future lifetimes.

Lesson Three

This Life Progression

A lesson dedicated to the journeys one can make within the future of their present lifetime, covering topics such as work, relationships, money and health. A number of specialist journeys are presented.

Lesson Four

Future Lifetimes

Our lives beyond our present one, yet to be lived. We address what the future world will be like with case studies describing how our technological and other abilities evolve. Other worlds are available to experience as well, we become the aliens.

Lesson Five


An in-depth presentation of the practical applications of this remarkable discipline. Numerous techniques are available to the therapist in order to help their clients, many of these are unique to this course.

Lesson six


Here we have a summary of the whole process and bring together over forty scripts presented in three separate categories. We also look at public liability cover and there is information about the Past Life Therapists Association. Details of other courses available from us at a discount are listed.