Advanced PLR Diploma Course Testimonials

These are genuine comments from previous students, reproduced with their permission.

The   course   has certainly helped me to take a huge step forward in providing a far better service to my clients. It   has   provided me   with the   necessary knowledge   to improve   the methods of analysing the symptoms as presented by the client and has given me the confidence to apply healing techniques that can deal with these issues in the most effective way. I particularly like the sequence of events that lists the steps needed for each method. It ensures that no vital step is left out.  One of the most important elements of this course are certainly the case studies, as they will take you through the entire sequence and hence are vital to the learning process.

I gained more confidence from doing this course. Especially in healing techniques. I was worried that once problems were uncovered I would not have all the tools to deal with them. Now it is okay. I cannot think of anything that is missing. It was good!

I have actually found the course extremely useful in firming up my understanding from the original past life training course. I feel more confident about what I am doing than I did prior to doing this course.

I found the life between lives material interesting and it has helped me see how I can extend what I already do there. For me though lessons three and four were the most valuable not least because I have had personal past life experience both in pre-history and other planets.

Overall, this course has been very valuable for me and I do feel now that I have a much better understanding of what I am doing. I also feel I have a more complete toolkit into which I can delve during my work, a toolkit I hope to continue to add to through experience now.

Once again, I really have enjoyed this course as all the concepts are explained in a very neutral and approachable way with an open view at all levels. This course brings more spiritual elements that enable the Hypnotherapist to heal more successfully symptoms presented by clients in general.