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Angie Latham

Malvern, Worcestershire

Tel:    01684 591052


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I am based at my private therapy room up on the Malvern Hills bordering the counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Gloucestershire.

I have been following a Spiritual path all my life and gained extensive knowledge about how energy, vibration and frequency works to guide and empower us as divine Souls having a human experience exploring density and polarity on planet Earth - the planet of emotional learning.

I work in a very heart based and grounded way to help others remember who they are at a Soul level and why they have chosen to incarnate and experience the people, places and challenges in their current life.

 I have particular interest in helping those already awakened (such as Mediums, Healers, Light Workers and Starseeds)  to further their understanding and access their knowledge and deeper mission for going through the ascension process.

My mission is to help you remember YOUR mission.

I work closely with my Angelic guides and Soul family - The Seraphim , Archangel Michael and Gabriel, and a 9D Pleiadian collective.  I also work with tone and sound through my sound therapy work to help clear and raise your vibrational frequency.


1-2-1  PLR , QHHT and BQH (both PLR and BQH available via Zoom and in person)

1-2-1 Sound Therapy and Gong Baths

1-2-1 Soul Coaching (also available via Zoom)

Group work

Regular intimate experiential workshops - including Past Life Regression

Private and public group Gong Baths, Sound Meditations and Mindfulness relaxation.

Available for Yoga sessions, Retreats, Festivals and MBS Fairs.

Corporate Wellbeing Days , Schools, Care Home and Hospice


• Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy Diploma

• Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy(BQH)

• Integral Sound Healing Therapy

• Shamanic Soul retrieval in Therapeutic Therapy Certificate

• Reiki level 1

• Level 1 QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ( Dolores Cannon Method)


• Member Past Life Therapists Association

• (official register)

Fully insured by Balens of Malvern - specialists in Holistic and Complimentary Modalities

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Weobley  Hereford

Leon Feasey Dip Hyp, Dip RTh

Inner Sight Therapies   Brynmelyn  Back Lane   Weobley  Hereford  HR4 8SG   Map

Tel:    01544 318407    Mobile:  07454 145767


Web Site:

Inner Sight Therapies

Leon Feasey Dip Hyp, Dip RTh

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Regression Therapist

Spirit Release Practitioner

Inner Child Therapist

Life Between Lives Practitioner

My work connects you with your own ability to heal, as well as guiding you to understand who you are as a human and as a soul.

I use a combination of Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, specialising in Past Lives, Life Between Lives and Inner Child Therapy.


• Clinical Hypnosis, Fndn

• Hypnotherapy Masters, Dip

• Group Hypnosis, Dip

• Regression Hypnotherapy, Fndn

• Regression Therapy, Dip

• Emotional Freedom Technique, Dip

• Spirit Release Therapy, Cert

• Life Between Lives, Dip

• Inner Child Psychotherapy, Dip

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Cert

• Gestalt Therapy, Cert

• Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cert

• Treatment for Complex PTSD, Cert

• Psychoanalysis, Dip


• Member Past Life Therapists Association

• The international  Past Life Regression Academy

Fully insured by Balens of Malvern - specialists in Holistic and Complimentary Modalities

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Angie Latham - Malvern

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