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John Newman    

8 Brecon Close   Lawn    SWINDON    SN3 1JT   Map

Tel :   01793 341051   Mobile:   07747 803449


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John trained and qualified in Past Life Regression Therapy with Karen Wells at the KEW Training Academy.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is about taking an inner journey that could have a profound  impact in this current life. It uses hypnosis to help you access memories deep in your subconscious that relate to the many lives you have experienced  prior to this current lifetime. Recalling events from your past lifetimes can be useful in your journey of self-discovery, or possibly finding the origin of certain issues in order to heal. Past Life regression can be an effective tool to promote change, healing and transformation. This promotes a healthier, happier lifestyle.

All sessions are conducted in my private office and are recorded for you take home.


• Diploma in  Past Life Regression Therapy

• Diploma in Advanced Past Life Regression and Therapy.

• Diploma in Future Life Progression

• Diploma in Interlife Therapy Regression this is a journey beyond PLT.

• Reiki Master and teacher

• Reiki

• Labrys Ascension Master


• Past Life Therapists Association

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Priya Terner

Westbury, Wiltshire

Tel:  07854 986414


Web Site:


• BSc

• PhD

• BAc

• Dip. Colour Light Therapy(Colourpuncture) -School of Awakening

• Dip. Sound Therapy (British Academy of Sound Therapy)

• Dip. PLT

• Adv. Dip. PLT


• The Past Life Therapists Association

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Theresa McMordie

Calne, Wiltshire

Tel:  07901 978656


Web Site:

Having trained in Sight Loss Rehabilitation, Hypnotherapy, Regressions Therapy, Angelic Reiki, as well as Spirit Release, I have a variety of tools to help overcome a wide range of life challenges. I have found first-hand how powerful and life changing Regression Therapy can be. The empowerment and physical, emotional and mental freedom I experienced, continues to inspire me to want to support others to feel the same.


• BSc Habilitation Work – Foundation and Primary Stages (Visual Impairment)

• Fds Rehabilitation Work (Visual Impairment)

• Ct Hyp – Certificate in Hypnosis

• Dip RTh – Diploma in Regression Therapy

• Angelic Reiki Master Teacher

• Advanced Spirit Release, Space Clearance and Spiritual Emergency Training


• The Past Life Therapists Association

• Earth Association for Regression Therapy and Complimentary Therapists Association

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