Diploma Course Testimonials

These are genuine comments from previous students, reproduced with their permission.

* * * * * *

I have several decades of experience in organising and holding courses at international level, as well as supervising others’, both in the academic world and business. I can say without hesitation that Andrew’s course on Past Life Regression Therapy is flawless in all respects: the contents, the presentation, the approach and the insights (that only a very learned and competent person can give). To this he adds a very sympathetic and caring personality that can put at ease the shyest and most insecure of the students. Without fear of being hyperbolic, I can say that his professionalism and competence shine. This is even more impressive because it is not uncommon to find courses, even quite expensive ones, whose level is low (at the very least): often the organisers are self-appointed, improvised teachers with no experience or training whatsoever in coaching and therefore their results are pretty amateurish and shabby (not to say worse). Now-a-days one has to be very careful when choosing a course and even very high fees do not guarantee a professional, serious approach. Andrew has very affordable prices and his tutoring and teaching are excellent, maybe because he is not guided by greed but by true passion for his work. I highly recommend him.

Student number 1110  Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

A wonderfully comprehensive and concise course. I have enjoyed it tremendously and feel confident regressing a client. I have learned so much. Andrew was there whenever I emailed or called. I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend this course to anyone. It's the most well researched and concise course I have taken in years and I have done many over the years! Thank you Andrew you've passed on a wonderful gift to me.

Student number 1980  Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

Thank you Andrew for such a brilliant course which was very well put together, very detailed and thought provoking. I have thoroughly enjoyed it - even the exam which got more than a couple of grey cells throbbing! It is definitely one of the best distance learning courses I have one. I am so glad that I decided to take the course and have learnt far more than I thought I would. I know that it will help me and my clients and I look forward to using it without trepidation. Who knows I might even be persuaded to do the Advanced course.

Student 411Q  Past Life Regression and Therapy Course for Qualified Hypnotherapists.

* * * * * *

My first reaction when I opened the file on the course was that it was laid out in a very inviting way. Easy to read and spaced out in a way that made you feel that you were making good progress right from the word go. It wasn't daunting at all. As I progressed through the course I was very impressed with how comprehensive it was, covering every aspect and leaving no questions the student might have had unanswered. It even takes you step by step though the procedure of setting up your own business, including premises, insurance and advertising.

The greatest attention was paid to making the experience of past life regression a wonderful and reassuring experience for the future clients, while ensuring also that the therapist would remain in complete control of any situation that might arise.

Having completed this course I feel very confident in regressing people professionally, partly because I have the reassurance of the designers of this course behind me should I feel the need any further advice.

Jenny Smedley: Author and Past Life consultant.  Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

This really is a very enjoyable course, great structure and content and well written, it was a pleasure to undertake it.

 Student number 1368 Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

Just to say thank you for my certificate received today and your feedback which made me very proud! I've loved doing the course and will recommend it to people. I think your style of writing is really easy to read and understand. I'm really pleased I did it!  

Student number 1050 Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

I found the course well-written and easy to follow. I enjoyed doing it and I can heartily recommend it.

Student number 1212   Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

Hello, Just to let you know I received the course on Tuesday morning and I can't put it down.

Student number 084  Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

I have a Bsc Hons in Applied Psychology,(I hated nearly every day of this 4 year course) I did a Diploma in Counselling in Organisations (which bored me to tears) and I have to tell you that I enjoyed your course from beginning to end. It was a pleasure to do it. Really though I couldn't say enough about your course, it was so comprehensive and the plain language you use instead of waffle was great along with your humour. Thank you so much.

Student 1155.   Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

Can't seem to put the course down at the minute. To be honest it is one of the most easily written courses I have come across. Makes reading and understanding the content a pleasure.

Student number 837  Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Foundation Course.

* * * * * *

Please accept my sincerest gratitude regarding your ‘PAST LIFE REGRESSION AND THERAPY DIPLOMA COURSE’.

As a qualified Hypnotherapist I feel I have gained an extensive knowledge of this fascinating subject, which I have put into practice with great success on several occasions.

You obviously have a great passion for this subject which has really been transpired into your work on this excellent course (so much so I amazed myself with the level of concentration and speed at which I completed it).

I thoroughly recommend his course to anybody interested.

It is well structured

Easy to understand

Good support (Friendly & Very Approachable)

Very in-depth (covered literally everything, extremely helpful)

Great value for money. Student number 795

* * * * * *

Deeply engrossed in course. Can I say I think it's exactly what it says on the tin, plain English which really makes a change.

Will be studying all weekend and am taking tomorrow off to continue. Thank you. Student number 093

* * * * * *

It was fantastic reading Chapter 4, like a deep sigh of relief and feeling that I was coming home, the jigsaw pieces were being put into place. Student number 762

* * * * * *

I am just writing to let you know how much I am enjoying the Past Life Regression Course! Student number 465

* * * * * *

Just to let you know that I am now ready to take my exam. I have had such a wonderful time studying this fascinating subject and have had some amazing results. In my quest to aid others to heal themselves I have also been taken on the most amazing journey of self discovery. I have well and truly being bitten by the bug! Through these amazing techniques I have been able to cure my husband from a nasty illness he has had a for a number of years which the Doctors could never get to the bottom of despite some very horrible examinations. Sending him out with a probable MS diagnosis. It took me a matter of a few moments to track it back to the lifetime it occurred in and also how it was triggered again in this lifetime. Can you believe he actually wrote, directed and acted in a play portraying similar circumstances and injuries to his past life!

I've also cured my asthma as I linked it back to a lifetime where I suffered and died from consumption. Discovered why I never bonded with my father (He strangled me and threw my body in the river) Its just so wonderful how when all these things are bought to the surface they just float away. I've not discovered any exciting or famous lifetimes yet but watch this space you never know!

I have read a few of the books listed in the recommended reading as well as a few others too. I particularly enjoyed Brian Weiss's books Many Lives, Many Masters and Through Time Into Healing and have ordered a couple more too. I'm just finishing Seeing The Unseen and then I am diving into The Edgar Cayce Companion next. The Bridey Murphy one was spellbinding too.

Thank you so much for bringing this into my life, I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Student Number 819

* * * * * *

I have finally come to the end of a very enjoyable and excellently written Past Life Diploma Course. Student number 447

* * * * * *

The course is fantastic. It fits right in with my Psychotherapy background. You touch on hypnotherapy within psychotherapy but your course has opened for me a new treatment tool. Student number 546

* * * * * *

Just a note to let you know that my course material arrived on Saturday morning. This was great as I had the day free of distractions.

The course is well written and the information comprehensive. It is also easy to understand. Student number 585

* * * * * *

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing The Past Life Regression and Therapy Diploma Course. It has taken over my life as I have not been able to put it down. It has helped me in my pathway of life and I am looking forward to helping other people. I am a Reiki Practitioner, Spiritualist Medium and Paranormal Investigator, so this course compliments my background well. Student No 984

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