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Roo Reygan

Holistic Well-being   7 Ivy Close   Acton Trussell   Stafford   ST17 0SW   Map

Tel:  01785 713721    Mobile:  07963 831401


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Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) has the potential to resolve many issues; whether spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical.

• Are you curious about the possibility of past lives?

• Maybe you feel a special affinity to a place, or historical time period?

• Do you find patterns in your life repeating over again or have emotional issues, phobias, or even physical aches and pains which you can’t find the origin of?

• Perhaps you seek a greater understanding of yourself?

If so, then PLRT may answer your questions.

Roo Reygan is a Regression Therapist with many years experience. Roo offers regression sessions at a number of venues or at your own home.

Roo and Holistic Well-being also offers:

• Shamanic Healing

• Space Clearing and Blessings

• Earth Healing

• Feng Shui

• Healthy Home Surveys

• Nine Star Ki Astrology


• Professional Diploma Past Life Regression

• Feng Shui Practitioner

• Shamanic Development and Healer


• The Past Life Therapists Association

• Feng Shui Society

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Debbie Furnival

Hartshill    Stoke on Trent

Tel:  07812 032752


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Debbie Furnival is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist and NLP practitioner with over 25 years experience within healthcare and mental health settings. Practicing from the private sanctuary of her own garden cabin, Debbie practices safely, ethically and confidentially and regards your personal requirements of fundamental importance.


• Registered Mental Nurse

• Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Practitioner of NLP

• Diploma in Past Life Regression


• The Past Life Therapists Association

• General Hypnotherapy Register (pending)

• CNHC (also pending)

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Laura Hawkins

Southdown Hypnosis, Wombourne, South Staffordshire, WV5

Tel:  07795 362005


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Laura Hawkins is a qualified past life regression therapist and Hypnotherapist. She has excellent rapport, connects with clients naturally and works ethically.

Highly experienced, Laura’s career history includes teaching, arts for health and wellbeing consultancy work for community groups, NHS, educational establishments and private clients.

Laura has a keen interest in holistic therapies and has also studied dream analysis, crystal healing, aromatherapy oils and herbs as medicine.

Laura uses her creativity and intuition to create bespoke client centred therapy sessions to meet your individual needs.  


• Diploma in Past Life Regression  and Hypnotherapy

• Developing Arts for Health & Wellbeing Masters level module - Merit

• Managing Participatory Consultation Masters level module - Merit

• BSY Dream Analysis

• BSY Biochemical Medicine

• OCN Herbalism within the Holistic Concept - Level 3

• OCN Holistic Approach to Human and Plant Anatomy and Physiology - Level 3

• OCN Understanding the Background to Major Developments in the Use of Herbs - Level 3

• Bachelor of Education Honours

• MHFA Mental Health First Aid Certificate

• Crystal Healing Training - pass

• Crystal Masters Day Training Certificate


• The Past Life Therapists Association

• NEU (National Education Union)

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