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Clarissa Woodcock

44  Falcons Way  Copthorne   Shrewsbury  Shropshire  SA 8ZG  Map

Tel:  07762 59128

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International Hypnotherapist, Trainer and Mentor. Specialising in Past (Regression) and Future Lives Therapy. Offering 1-2-1, Group Sessions and Spiritual Development Workshops

Past Life Regression uncovers memories of lives you have already experienced. Revisiting these lives can offer healing and insight for the person that you are today.


Regression Therapy investigates the cause of your issue whatever that may be. A variety of techniques are used to help you release and transform energy  blockages that affect you now. These may originate from past lives, the womb or earlier in this life.

Future Life Therapy  transports you into the future. In this lifetime it can help you discover your life purpose or make significant decisions: careers choices, partners or house buying. Or you can explore future lives or the destiny of the planet or universe.   


Life Between Lives (Spiritual) Regression explores soul memories between lives. This can offer many profound insights, such as our purpose in choosing our current life, our soul journey and our soul group.


• Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy - Central Academy of Hypnotherapy & NLP

• Advanced Diploma In Past Life Therapy - Past Life Therapists Association

• Future Life Progression Diploma - Past Life Therapists Association

• Reiki Master Teacher - International House of Reiki

• Diploma In Sound Healing - College of Sound Healing


 • Past Life Therapists Association
 • GHR Reg No. 6515


 • Past & Future Life Society

 • College of Sound Healing

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