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Lorraine Ripley

 3 Barnfield Avenue, Wem, Shropshire   SY4 5HT   Map

Tel:   07922 661342


I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and specialise in Past and current life regression, and is a deep passion of mine. I work using the concepts taught by Brian Weiss, Michael Newton and Andy Tomlinson, its more than just a journey into a past life, it will take you to a past life, and then through the transformation stage in the spirit realms where you will be able to heal and resolve issues, see and learn the reasons for your issues and ultimately have a life review with your guides and elders this therapy can heal at the deepest level of your soul, It can help to heal relationship problems, unexplained fears and phobias, lack of confidence and self belief, unexplained pain and more. please call me to discuss the wonderful life changing therapy with me and how it can help you heal your life. See   for more info


DPLT Diploma in Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy.   Qualified with Past Life Therapists Association.


• The Past Life Therapists Association.

• Student Member of the Regression Academy

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