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Louise Green MPLTA  AdvDPLT

2 Broad Close, Kidlington, Oxon  OX5 1BE  Map

Telephone 0791 814 0455

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I have been a practitioner member of the PLTA since 2006, taking my Advanced Diploma in 2010.

As an experienced regressionist, I am able to guide you into your previous incarnations to explore fully those past times.  Why do we repeat patterns?  Why are we drawn to certain countries or people?   You may have recurrent dreams or feelings which seem to originate in another time and have no explanation in your current life.  Perhaps it is the life between the lives that interests you the most.

I also believe that some anxieties and disorders may have their origins in previous lives, such as fears or phobias.

Past life regression is an excellent therapy which allows us to safely explore who you once were and from this you can gain knowledge, understanding and empowerment to enrich your current life.

My practice is in Kidlington, near Oxford.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.


• Past Life Therapist Association Diploma, 2006.

• Past Life Therapist Association Diploma, advanced, 2010

• Soul-Centred Healer, accredited with Dr Thomas Zinser, Ed.D

• Certified Spirit Release practitioner, accredited with the late Dr Terence Palmer, Ph.D.

• EMDR therapist.


• MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

• The Scientific and Medical Network.

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