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Linda Willmott DPLT  MPLTA

38 Waterford Green,  Hartley Woods  Sunderland  Tyne Wear  SR4 9BF   Map

Mobile: 07766 805372


Web site:

Have you ever wondered what happens when your spirit leaves you body and passes over to the other side.

Have you felt you have lived before in another life, or had that feeling of déjà vu from a place you have visited.

 Maybe you’ve just met someone yet you feel you have known that person all your life.

These feelings could have been brought with you from Past Lives.

Many people have found the knowledge of their Past lives to be healing. It also brings an insight, increased awareness and a

deeper understanding of the nature of oneself.


Diploma in Past Life Therapy awarded by The Past Life Therapists Association


Member of the Past Life Therapists Association

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