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Andrew Hillsdon - Launceston

Chairman of the Past Life Therapists Association

Morris Berg -  Camborne

Teresa Slevin - Stibb, Bude

Elaine Moore - Saltash



Chairman of the Past Life Therapists Association

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, sessions are only available via telephone or video call.

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Hypnotherapy South West  The Castle Street Practice    1a Castle Street   Launceston   Cornwall   PL15 8AZ


Tel: 01409 211559   Fax: 0871 7334091  Mobile: 07787 577823

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Andrew specialises in Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression. He has sessions only on Saturdays at his practice in Launceston.

An appointment is 1½ hours long, but quite often longer sessions are arranged, especially if you have a long way to travel. His fee is £75.

If you wish, your regression can be recorded and an audio CD  or mp3 download is included in the fee.

Gift Vouchers for PLR sessions are available.

Take the trip of many lifetimes.

Andrew has been practicing Past Life Regression for a number of years, in addition to conventional hypnotherapy. As a fully qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist, registered with The National Council for Hypnotherapy Ltd, he is also available for therapy sessions in Smoking Cessation and Weight Management.

Smoking cessation and weight management in a single 90 minute session.

Andrew also runs the Hypnotherapy South West Training School offering distance learning diploma courses in Past Life Regression,  Smoking Cessation and Weight Management. Please click here for more details.


DHP        Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.  

DPLT      Diploma in Past Life Therapy.  

• Adv.DPLT  Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy.

• DFLP  Diploma in Future Life Progression.

• DipIT Diploma in Interlife Therapy (Life between Life)

• DPLET     Diploma in Past Life Energy Therapy.

• DSCT     Diploma in Smoking Cessation Therapy.  

DWMT   Diploma in Weight Management Therapy.

• DVHGB Diploma in the Virtual Hypno Gastric Band  Therapy.


• FPLTA  Founder member of The Past Life Therapists Association.


 • MNCH   Member of The National Council for Hypnotherapy.

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Stibb Nr.Bude

Teresa Slevin

2 Stibb Cottages  Bude  Cornwall  EX23 9HW    Map

Tel: 01288 353048   Practice:  07860 406155


web site:

My friends and family have heard me say, ‘Symbolically there has to be a key you can turn that will shed light on a particular problem'.

I feel I have found that key, And we can use it to unlock the doors to our past lives and perhaps help to understand why do we feel a kinship with someone we have never met before?

Why do we react to certain situations as we do?

Why can't I lose weight?

Why am I always drawn to abusive controlling partners?

Unlock the doors to your past lives and see what you discover. It may help you to understand the you in your present life.


• DPLT - Diploma in Past Life Regression

• Adv.DPLT - Advanced Diploma in Past Life Regression

• DVHGBT - Diploma in Virtual Hypno Gastric Band Therapy

• DWMT - Diploma in Weight Management Therapy

• DSCT - Diploma in Smoking Cessation Therapy


• MPLTA - The Past Life Therapists Association

• MBAHA - Member of the British Alliance of Healing Association

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Morris Berg

Camborne, Cornwall

Tel: 07518 076631

Email :


Web site:

I first trained in clinical hypnotherapy in the 1980s and later specialised in spiritual techniques.  I offer sessions that allow you to contact inner wisdom that can help you find answers to current problems and discover new energy to invigorate your life’s path. Though I work within a broad “past lives” framework, each session is unique as people go into different states of awareness where they can experience other realities. My task is to be a guide through the experience, help the client gain the most from the encounter, and facilitate healing on a spiritual and energetic level.


• Diploma in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, School of Hypnosis & Advanced Psychotherapy
• Diploma in Past Life Regression, College of Integrated Therapies
• Diploma in Counselling, College of Integrated Therapies
• Certificate in Dynamic Psychology of Counselling, Lincoln Clinic and Institute for Psychotherapy
• Accredited Past Life Healer, Centre for Past Life Healing
• Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming, British Hypnosis Research
• Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, National Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology (USA)
• Diploma in Life Coaching, School of Natural Health Sciences
• Diploma in Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy, School of Natural Health Sciences
• Master Practitioner of Energy EFT, The Guild of Energists
• Modern Energy Tapping Professional, The Guild of Energists
• BSc (Hons) Psychology
• Ph.D Hypnotherapy (USA)

• Short courses in past life and related work taken with: Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis (USA); London College of Clinical Hypnosis; Denise Linn; Bliss-Parsons Institute (USA)


• Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

• Fellow, National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)
• Professional Member, Guild of Energists
• Senior Member, Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH)

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Elaine Moore

3 Coombe Park, Saltash Cornwall PL12 4EU  Map

Tel: 01752 848981  Mobile: 07541 664524

Email :

In addition to my fascination with Past Life Regression I also practise general hypnotherapy and in particular work with people suffering from depression, explaining the symptoms of the cycle of depression, possible reasons why it occurs, techniques for lifting the symptoms and working towards preventing a recurrence.  I've also worked successfully with terminally ill clients, offering hypnotic techniques for pain relief and sleep issues.  Other areas of particular interest to me are childbirth, (the way to an easier birth and calmer baby!), easing the menopause and stopping smoking.


• DPLT      Diploma in Past Life Therapy.  The Past Life Therapists Association. Hypnotherapy South West Training School, Devon.

• Reflexology Diploma Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies 1997

• Body Massage Diploma Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies 1999


• MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

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