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Andrew Brown

Appointments in either Norwich or Great Yarmouth

Tel:  07739 231428


I would like to invite you to recover memories from your past and help you discover who you really are! At this time in history, so many more of us are striving to know more and where we are now headed, not just as individuals, but together as a group consciousness.

Maybe you are simply intrigued, or have a deeper seated reason and wish to resolve symptoms and/or phobias that you cannot remember without the use of hypnotherapy.


• DPLT Diploma in Past Life Regression and Therapy

• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner


• MPLTA Past Life Therapists Association

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King's Lynn

Valerie Anckorn

Candlesticks    2 Manorside    Dersingham    King's Lynn    Norfolk    PE31 6LE   Map

Tel: 01485 543280



Life can be difficult, interesting, exciting.  If you are spiritually aware, you will suspect that you have lived many lives before.   A past life regression can explain so much of who you are today - why you like certain things, places, people.  It can also give you the reason for inexplicable medical problems.  Above all, after a regression, it is so exciting to research online, to verify and discover more about the lives your soul previously led.   A session of up to two hours regression with me will give you two or three different lives and much to think about.  Contact me!


• Past Life Therapist

• Hypnotherapist

• NLP practitioner

• Reiki practitioner and tutor


      • MPLTA Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

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