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Anna Maria Slater

56 Eversley Street   Liverpool   L8 2TG   Map

Tel: 07950 828674


Web Site: Available Soon.

I have a wealth of experience in hypnotherapy and related fields, and have always taken a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Having been a qualified Reiki Practitioner for many years, I undertook 4 side by side diplomas in nutrition in 2015, closely followed by a diploma in Nutrition and Mental Health.

In 2020 I retrained, one to one with Stanley Barnes, as a clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist, working alongside him in specialist Past Life Regression sessions, which I now run myself.  

I am also a Simpson Protocol Hypnotherapist, taking a more spiritual approach for those who wish to make a deeper connecting to their higher self.

I have subsequently added OldPain2Go training, as well as online courses delving deep into how the brain reacts to stress, anxiety and trauma, and specialist work within OCD, Intrusive Thoughts, PTSD, cPTSD, Poly Vagal Theory and more.

I am one of 3 founder members of Ubuntu, Liverpool's Black Wellbeing Group, aiming to decolonise wellbeing by honouring traditional and indigenous practices. We recognise that we cannot separate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

All my therapy is available online EXCEPT for Past Life, it is a deep dive and needs to be done in person. I often work alongside another trained therapist simply so they can take notes which you keep, a lot of detail can come up and I find recordings don't always catch the quiet moments.

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation


• Diploma in Clinical & Analytical Hypnotherapy (including extensive one to one training for Past Life Regression) - Hypnotherapy Training Group

• Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Hypnotic World

• Simpson Protocol Practitioner #110 - Essentials & Advanced Course

• Certification in the following from MindBody Breakthrough:

Trauma, The Brain & Recovery

Addiction, The Brain & Recovery

Healing PTSD

Healing Complex PTSD

Poly Vagal Theory - Managing Anxiety, Trauma & Autism

Treating OCD

Treating Intrusive Thoughts & The Inner Critical Voice


• The Past Life Therapists Association

• The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association (no 1154)

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