The Past Life Therapists Association -  Therapists in Italy

Allison Lee Axinn   BA, MA ChT

Via del Teatro,    Pietrasanta,   55045 Italy

Tel: 0039 348 035 3737


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Transpersonal Regression Training:  Become a Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Therapist

Trainings in English and Italian    Formazione in Inglese e Italiano.

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• The Newton Institute Life Between Life Therapy

• LBL Instructor, The Michael Newton Institute

• Instructor of Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Therapy Training 2012- current

• School of Metaphysical Studies, Spiritual Regression Training, Stephen Poplin

• MA, New York University

• MFA Program, Columbia University

• BA, Hobart and Willam Smith College, Psychology and Philosophy

• Coordinator Circolo Di Jung Firenze 2003 - 2004

• Transformation Game Facilitator  accredited at the Findhorn Foundation 2007

• Dream Therapy  Teacher Trained with  Robert Moss Dreams


• School Of Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Therapy 

• Spirit of Transformation

• Qion Centre for Alternative Medicine

• The  Newton Institute for Life Between Life  Therapy

• Interlinks
• International Association for Counsellors and Therapists

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