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Allison Lee Axinn   BA, MA ChT

Via del Teatro,    Pietrasanta,   55045 Italy

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Past Life Regression Therapy uses relaxation methods to help develop a perspective through working with memory  to find solutions and understanding.  A Regression therapist  combines various techniques in order to create the right form of treatment  for each individual.


A  session begins with a discussion about the client’s concerns and what they would like to achieve. A treatment  might continue with exercises revealing the difference between memory and imagination. It then progresses towards what helps to develop  insight and perspective about present life. Regression therapy brings the possibility to reach into the phenomenal archives of the mind  which is always a healing experience. What is amazing  about Past Life Regression therapy is how it can work. It can help.

Sessions are in English or Italian

Transformation Games can be in French, English or Italian

Prices can be arranged on a sliding scale.

Transpersonal Regression Training:  Become a Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Therapist

Trainings in English and Italian    Formazione in Inglese e Italiano.

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The Newton Institute Life Between Life Therapy
• Instructor training The Michael Newton Institute
• Instructor trained by Paul Aurand of Holistic Healing Therapy 

• School of Natural Health and Sciences  Dip PLT, Advanced PLT

• Psychological Hypnotherapy, GHSC,  Karmafix

• Past Life Regression, GHSC,  Karamfix

• School of Metaphysical Studies, Spiritual Regression Training, Stephen Poplin

• MA, New York University 

• MFA Program, Columbia University 

• BA, Hobart and Willam Smith College, Psychology and Philosophy

• Training Circolo Di Jung Firenze 2003 - 2004

• Transformation Game Facilitator  accredited at the Findhorn Foundation 2007 

• Dream Therapy  Teacher Training with  Robert Moss Dreams


• School Of Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Therapy 

• Spirit of Transformation

• Qion Centre for Alternative Medicine

• The  Newton Institute for Life Between Life  Therapy

• Interlinks
• International Association for Counsellors and Therapists

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