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Tina Hill

Collier Row, Romford, Essex   Map

Tel: 07931 363275  


Web site:

Tina is a Past Life Therapist and a Member of the Past Life Therapists Association also offering Smoking Cessation, Weight Management and Past Life Energy Therapies..

She is a Reiki/Seichem and Egyptian Cartouche Master/Teacher, having qualified in Usui, she then went on to work with Seichem energies.

She also offers Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Targeted Nutrition through Free Wellness Evaluations and Personal coaching as well Facials, Luxury Facials and Natural Lift Facials.

In addition she also offers Seated Chair Acupressure and Indian Head Massages.

She can also help you focus and clear your mind through Guided Meditation, and teaches Meditation and Spiritual Development Courses.


• Adv. Diploma in Past List Regression and Hypnotherapy

• Diploma in Past Life Energy Therapy

• Diploma in Smoking Cessation Therapy

• Diploma in Weight Management Therapy

• Herbalife Wellness Coach

• Diploma in Nutrition

• Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition

• Diploma in Personal Training

• Master Herbalist Diploma

• Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

• Seichem Reiki Master/Teacher

• Diploma in Crystal Healing

• Egyptian Cartouche Mastery

• Master Teacher In Magnified Healing®

• Spiritual Awareness & Self Development

• Meditation Certificate

• Diploma Indian Head Massage

• Diploma in Seated Accupressure Massage

• Diploma in Natural Lift Facial

• Certificate in Luxury Facials


     • MPLTA Member of the Past Life Therapists Association

     • MIPTI (Member of Independent Professional Therapists International),

     • RASA (Reiki and Seichem Association), SWA (Spiritual Workers Association)

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Mary Lucas

2 College Road   Grays   Essex   RM17 5PB   Map

Web site:


I have been in practice as a Hypnotherapist since 1994.

I enjoy helping clients with many problems, including depression, anxiety, phobias, lack of confidence, anger, Weight loss and habits including Stopping Smoking and other drugs.

I have a special interest in Past Life Regression for the fascinating information it uncovers and for it’s therapeutic effect.


• Diploma in Hypnotherapy with the International Association of Hypno - Analysts

• Diploma in NLP with the Wesland Institute

• Certified Hypnotension Practitioner


     • The Past Life Therapists Association

     • The National Council for Hypnotherapy

     • The General Hypnotherapy Register

     • Hypnotherapist Register

     • Associate member of The Royal Society of Medicine

     • Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists

     • Complimentary and National Healthcare Council

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           South Woodford

Louise Levy

Lily House Consulting Rooms   11 The Shrubberies   George Lane   South Woodford   London   E18 1BD   Map

Tel:  07984 011429


web site:

Thank you for finding my details. I offer a free no obligation telephone consultation so why not give me a call to find out more about this fascinating area and how it can help you personally on 07984 011429.

Whether you are simply curious to experience this spiritual concept of hypnotherapy, are interested to find out how your personal past life story unfolds or whether are looking to use it as a way of resolving deep rooted issues, you can be sure to leave my session having found out a lot more about yourself and your inner psyche. Typically clients tell me they are genuinely surprised and enlightened by the clarity, insight, awareness and understanding they have acquired through this experience.

There are so many ways that this safe therapy can be beneficial. I typically see clients for a resolution of anxiety, fears, phobias, unresolved trauma, unhelpful patterns of negative thinking, self-esteem issues and a range of physical conditions. PLT can rapidly bring about a resolution of harmony into the areas of your life that need it the most whether its health and well being, love or simply a welcome sense of making peace with your past life and letting it go.

Why not experience Past Life Therapy with no agenda? In fact 9 times out of 10 the story that unfolds for you will be exactly right for you because you will draw from it what you need to. Call me now to find out more with my free, no obligation telephone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you, and welcome answering your questions. Warm regards Louise Levy.


• MA Master Of Arts Degree(Acrt) in Guidance Counselling

• DipCAH Diploma In Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy H.E. Level 4

• DipCBH Diploma In Cognitive Behavioural Hypno-Psychotherapy

• HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Gold Benchmark Standard)

• Master Practitioner In Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy

• Diploma In Advanced Weight Control and Hypnotic Gastric Band

• Master Practitioner In Working With Children (Certificated)

• Specialist Certification In Emotional Trauma Regression

• PNLP Practitioner Of Neuro Linguistic Programming

• MNCH(Acc)Snr Member Of The National Council For Hypnotherapy

• GHR GQHP General Qualification In Hypnotherapy Practice

• Adv DipLC Advanced Diploma In CBT Life Coaching (Distinction)

• PG DipCG Post Graduate Degree In Careers Guidance H.E Level 5

• Chronic Pain / Stress Illness Advanced Specialist (SIRPA)

• BTFT British Thought Field Therapist (Algorithm Level)

• DPLT Diploma In Past Life Therapy

• BPS British Psychological Society (Level A)


• The Past Life Therapists Association

• NCH National Council For Hypnotherapy

• CNHC Complementary Natural Healthcare Council

• UK Thought Field Therapy Association

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Stacie Frost

Laindon   Essex   SS15 5QS   Map

Tel: 01268 414559  Mobile: 07779 022869


My name is Stacie Frost and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist / therapist.

I live in the Laindon area of Basildon in Essex and also practice Reiki Therapy.


Diploma Past Life Therapy and Hypnotherapy



Membership of the Past Life Therapists Association

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Karen Hardy

Private Practice in Mayland and also room rental in South Woodham Ferrers Chelmsford.

Tel: 07932 987866


Web Site:

I am a Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner based in Essex. Hypnotherapy can include smoking cessation, phobias, weight loss, stress management, anxiety, habits, confidence, self esteem and pain management.

However, the reason I went into Hypnotherapy was my interest in past lives. I trained as a Past Life Therapist with the Past Life Therapists Association and can honestly say it has totally changed both mine and my clients lives. So many questions answered. It all made total sense and the journeys I’ve had both on my own and with clients have made me want share this with others.


DPLT  Diploma Past Life Therapy  

• AdvDPLT  Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy

Chrysalis certificate in Hypnotherapy and counselling skills Cert Hyp CS

• Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

• BA (hons) in Psychotherapy and Counselling


Membership of the Past Life Therapists Association

• Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Bacp)

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Joanne Britton

Loughton, Essex

Tel: 07771 524070


Web Site:

My name is Joanne Britton and I work as a clinical Hypnotherapist based in Loughton Essex. I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council, the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the Past Life Therapists Association and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council. My Specialisms include helping clients to: overcome anxiety, remove fears and phobias, build confidence and self esteem in who they are, which often includes using past life regression therapy. Past life regression therapy can help resolve energy imbalances in the emotional and spiritual body, as well as rewind fears and unexplained symptoms such as phobias, which are not related to experiences in the current incarnation.  Working on this deep level can bring healing of ancestral lines, embedded trauma can be released,and soul retrieval work can help to get you back on track to your true life purpose. Inter-life resolution during your regression therapy can shine a light upon deeply buried wisdom giving you a deeper understanding of your self.


I am passionate about this work and am wholly committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of my clients.  


• DPLT Diploma in Past Life Therapy

Diploma in Hypnotherapy Practice

Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming

Diploma in Emotional Freedom Technique

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology

Reiki Master Teacher


• Membership of the Past Life Therapists Association





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Southend on Sea

Samantha Rutherford

Southend on Sea, Thorpe Bay and also Mobile if needed around Essex.

Tel: 07881 642222


Web Site:

I am Samantha the founder of HypnoHugs. After working for many years in the corporate world and feeling there was more to life, I had an epiphany… I wanted to get back to what mattered, walk in nature and take in the amazing beauty of this world. Breath deeply, and connect with myself on a higher level. Most importantly I wanted to support others who felt they too needed something more. I am here to help you rebalance life, invest time back in YOU and get back to a sense of calm. Continually developing, I will be adding more holistic vibes to my repertoire… so for now, please come along with me on my journey…


• Counselling Skills Level 2

• Reiki

• Certificate in Hypnosis

• Diploma in Past Life Regression and Therapy

• Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


• Membership of the Past Life Therapists Association

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Natasha Joy Price

7 Levens Way Great Notley Braintree CM77 7XB  Map

Tel: 07434 580334


Web Site:


My spiritual path started in 2003 when I went for a Reiki treatment.  Since them I have trained in a wide variety of energy healing modalities but specialise in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Future Life Progression and Between Lives Sessions.  I am also the creator of my own healing modality Soul Continuum Healing.


Bsc Earth Science degree

Graduate diploma in Law

2009 to 2015 - I sat in a development Circle

2010 Usui Reiki – Level 1, 2 and Masters

2010 Neighbour and Community Mediator Practice Certificate

2011 Karuna Reiki Master

2011 The Reiki Drum Technique

2011 The Bioforce Phytotherapy Course - learning about anatomy

2012 Masters in Parapsychology

2012 Crystal Therapy Practitioner Diploma Course

2012 Theta Healing – Basic DNA and Advanced Level

2013 Levels I to IV of Lightarian Reiki

2014 Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis

2014 Future Life Progression training

2015 Certificate in Advanced Spirit Release

2015 Certificate in Working with Spiritual Emergency

2015 Certificate in Space Clearing Homes & Buildings

2016 Diploma in Regression Therapy

2017 Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher Training

2017 1st and 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki

2017 Certificate in Between Lives Spiritual Regression

2018 Energy adviser and regular contributor to Grey Areas online journal

2018 Creator of Soul Continuum Healing Level 1,2 and 3

2018 Creator of 5 Key Soul Continuum Readings – remote readings accessing the Akashic Records.

2018 Witchy 101 to Witchy 105

2018 3rd and 4th Degree Angelic Reiki

2019 Freedom of the Soul – first book published and now available on Amazon. A proactive workbook designed to assist the reader to build a personal Energy Management routine.

2019 Freedom of the Soul 6 Energy Management sessions package - designed to assist the client to look at the major issues affecting their energy, and in creating an effective Energy Management routine

2019 Approved Executive Training Provider – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine


• Member of the Past Life Therapists Association

• Member and certified trainer with IPHM

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Gavin Bowtell

12 Baywood Square   Chigwell   Essex   IG7 4AX  Map

Tel: 020 8172 0060   Mobile: 07918 468 886


Web Site:


• Diploma in Past Life Regression and Therapy

• Certified OldPain2Go Practitioner

• Certified Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner.

• Certified Slim via Hypnosis Practitioner

• Advanced BWRT® Practitioner.

• Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

• Level 3 Practitioner in WSN Transformational Coaching & Counselling.

• Acknowledge Supervisor with GHR

• Ageing Unplugged The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

• Blueprint – Content Free Hypnotherapy with Central Training UK

• BroadBand for Brains from The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

• BWRT® Level 1 (General Psychopathology) with Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy*BWRT® Level 2 (Psychology of Identity & Behaviour) with • • Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy*

• BWRT Abolishing Anxiety with Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy*  

• BWRT® Defusing Depression with Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy*  

• BWRT® Deep Mind Protocol with Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy*

• BWRT® Transformational Coaching with Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy*

• BWRT® Disarming Destructive Anger with Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

• Conscious Analytical Therapy from The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

• Diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP from New Steps School of Hypnotherapy

• Emotional Freedom Technique from UK Hypnosis Academy

• Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from NCH and NCFE

• Hypnotension Certified Practitioner

• International Advanced Diploma from The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

• OldPain2Go

• Smashing Depression from The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

• Specialist in Psychosexual Dysfunction from The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis registered here

• Slim via Hypnosis Practitioner from TranceFormers

• EFT/TFT Practitioner from The Priority Academy

• WSN Counselling & Coaching Level 3 Practitioner from The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

• Reiki Master Teacher


• Membership of the Past Life Therapists Association

• Accredited by National Council for Hypnotherapy

• Member of the National Council for Psychotherapists

• Registered with  General Hypnotherapy Register

• Registered Practitioner with General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

• Practitioner Member of the UK Reiki Federation

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Bishop’s Stortford

Florian Andrei DPLT

7 Chapel Fields   Brewers End   Takeley   Bishop’s Stortford   CM22 6TQ   Map

Tel:    07538 981518


Have you ever felt there’s more to life than meets the eye? That there’s a reason why you are here?

These questions and many, many more can be answered in a past life regression therapy session. You’ll be able to find the source of current blocks and difficulties, inexplicable pains, fears and phobias, relationship issues, addiction or insecurity.

How I can help:

-            Eliminating energetic implants and contracts with non-beneficial entities;

-            Clearing financial, relational or health blockages;

-            Soul retrieval;

-            Breaking the cycle of Karma;

-            Energy clearing of the astral bodies.

-            Integration of energies.


• Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression


• Member Past Life Therapists Association

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