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Deborah J Monshin BSc  C.Hyp.

Windermere Cumbria

Telephone: 07757 136262

Web Site:


Deborah offers 1-to-1 Past Life Regressions in Windermere, Cumbria.

Using relaxation and meditation techniques to explore your previous incarnations. Discover the journey of your soul.

Deborah also offers Past Life Card Readings, as an alternative way to understand your previous lives and their effect on your current life.

Her book 'Past Lives-Present Healing' is available from Amazon in Kindle and softback versions.

Deborah attends MBS events throughout Cumbria and Lancashire.

Full details on her website.


• Clinical Hypnotherapy (NSPH - Vicki & Neil Watson, Blairgowrie, Scotland)

• Past Life Regression Cert - Dominic Beirne School of Hypnotherapy

• Reiki Master

• Quantum Touch Practitioner


MPLTA Member of the Past Life Therapists Association

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