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Renata Klysz - Skipton

Anne Wall - Sheffield

Michelle Wade - Malton

Peter Willis - Gleadless, Sheffield


Renata Klysz

Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Tel: 07785 560256


Web Site:

Experiencing problems in your day to day life with issues or relationships ?

These may go back to past life experiences and manifest themselves in this life time.

Are you curious who you were in a previous life and if people in your current life are connected in any way ?

We can explore your past life and address any issues carried forward.

I am also a Spiritual medium ,angelic healer and can cleanse and repair your aura and unblock your chakras.

Please e-mail me for full details of how I can help you.


• Diploma in Past Life Therapy (DPLA)

• Associated Stress Consultants Diploma ( MASC(Corp) )

• Diploma in Alcohol and Drug Counselling (MASC(A.D.C )


• Member Past Life Therapists Association

• Hope Spiritualist Centre

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Anne Wall

Deco Complimentary Therapy Centre, 416B Sharrowvale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZP   Map

Tel  07714 824121

Skype ID: annewall1371


web site:

Does a past life influence our present, every day lives? Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit, fear, or other unusual behaviour comes from? Why do we think we've been somewhere before?

Past life regression is an exciting trip into your own past lives via a pleasant state of hypnosis. Regardless of personal beliefs, past life regression can work for everyone, so the important thing is to accept it and enjoy the benefits that it brings.

Reasons you may want to explore past life regression:

Maybe you are just curious. 

It is possible that trauma experienced in past lives may affect a person in this life. Maybe you have an unresolved issue that could stem from a past life. 

Understanding past life regression can help to alleviate fear of death for many people, to believe there may be something after this life can be of great help.

If you would like to experience past life regression or if you would like further details I will be happy to answer your questions.


· DipCAH Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis , UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences.

· HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, accredited by the National Council for Hypnotherapy & NCFE Awarding Body

· PNLP Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences

· CH Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)

· Past Life Regression and Reincarnation Therapy - Steve Burgess

· Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Algorithm Level - Kevin Laye



· MPLTA Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

· Member of National Council for Hypnotherapy

· Member of General Hypnotherapy Register

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Michelle Wade

Malton  North Yorkshire

Tel: 07943 674831


Web Site:

Hi, I’m a friendly and experienced hypnotherapist/psychotherapist practicing in:

Past Life Regression

Weight Loss

Neuro linguistic programming



Stop smoking

Paediatric hypnosis

.. and much more ...

With 11 years experience. I also have a full DBS certificate.


• Advanced past life regression therapy

• Advanced hypnotherapy/psychotherapy

• Paediatric hypnosis

• Reiki healer

• Neuro linguistic programming practitioner

• Virtual gastric band therapy

• Smoking cessation therapist


• Member Past Life Therapists Association

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Gleadless, Sheffield

Peter Willis

Flat 38  85 Bowman Drive  Gleadless  Sheffield  South Yorkshire  S12 3LG  Map

Tel: 07850 169260


I am trained through The Past Life Therapists Association. I hold both a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy.

I believe strongly in the journey of the soul. Our many lives make us who we are today in this modern world. I am proud of my considered approach to regressional therapy and my other areas of therapy.

I am also trained in Reiki Healing to Level II and Colour Therapy, I am working towards Sound Healing and meditation qualifications. I also read Tarot cards and hold an interest in the paranormal.


• Diploma in Past Life Therapy (DPLT)

• Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy (DPLT)

• Reiki Healing levels I and II

• Diploma in Colour Therapy


• Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

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