The Many Faces of You Revealed with Past Life Regression  by Andrew Hillsdon  Reviews

Andrew Hillsdon has an incredible ability to write and teach in an easy-to-understand language. His descriptions are clear and free of "fluff" of big words, yet very much to the point. Anybody interested in Past Life Regression will find this book very helpful.

Ella Rogers.

I read The Many Faces of You with great interest as I know Andrew Hillsdon having been to his practice with my wife for us both to have a regression. That in itself was an extraordinary experience, enlightening and fascinating and very exciting. However, it is something hard to understand. The Many Faces of You has clearly been researched and written by a man who knows his stuff and Andrew I know, has been involved in this kind of work for decades. It opens the mind to all sorts of ideas, some easily accepted in the "of course!" eureka moment of a light coming on, and other ideas that make you open the mind and question things in depth. I found the book fascinating, it makes you consider the life you are leading now with lives long gone that have strong influences on present lives.  Having read The Many Faces Of You I have to say I feel very much that there is a lot of meat on this regression thing, it is a fascinating concept that our present lives are affected by past lives, whatever they may be. For anyone interested in past life regression I can highly recommend this splendid tome.

Nick Crocker

This is a very interesting book covering a subject either totally accepted by some and scoffed at by others but Andrew shows a deal of insight and has a wide experience of working in this area.

Beady via Amazon

This book is a treasure. It is a fascinating examination of the most often misunderstood concepts. The author should be thanked for his unique and important resource book. A great read, this book is enlightening, empowering, interesting, thought-provoking.

Loredana Meli

I did purchase this and have now read most of it. I am finding it riveting . Good work!!!

Zaara Jivan

Great book,thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Karen Manning