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Brenda Harwood DPLT  MPLTA

Persephone Spiritual & Personal Development Community  Dunstable  Bedfordshire  

Tel Practice: 01582 841919   Mobile: 07751 74242429



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Brenda is a Past Life therapist, Reiki practitioner and author of the book “My Truth”. It was published in 2006 and was based on her past life memory. She will be writing another book entitled “I Live Again”, which she hopes will be published in the new year 2010. This book will help people to understand what it is like living with a far-memory as well as explaining in detail what happened to her in a former life after her supposed death. Having this experience made her decide to become a past life therapist as it will allow her to empathise with any client who may have had a similar experience. Sessions available at  Angelicas, a Rocks and Crystals centre which offers therapies.


DPLT  Diploma in Past Life Therapy. Awarded by The Past Life Therapists Association

Reiki Master


Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

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