Future Life Progression

We can explore our future

as well as our past

Whatever we have done in the past, whether we have worried about it or not, it has created our present. If we had done something different back then, so our present would have changed. It follows therefore, that whatever we do now will shape our future and if we decide to do something different today, our future will have a changed outcome. Think of all the futures we could end up with depending upon what we do right now.

Here's the twist. All of those alternative futures can be explored in therapy. It is almost as if the future is just a scenario based on our present behaviour. The exact things you do today will create a fixed future. If you change your behaviour today, make new decisions or change direction then your future becomes not only fixed again but often quite different. There is a strong argument here for the concept of the Multiverse - an infinite number of alternative realities all existing simultaneously but vibrating at different frequencies. Quantum Physics is exploring this idea at the moment.

We must remember that time is a three dimensional concept and once in the spirit World it has a different quality.

Explore your future in your present life or later lives:

Present life Future Life Progression is mostly used for decision making in such areas as Work, Money, Relationships and Home, we generally only look ahead just a few years to see the alternative outcomes of choices available.

Exploration of Future Lives will help us to understand our characters, how our present life has influenced future ones and what the World will be like for us.

Journeys into the future are all about creating a favourable future life by modifying our behaviour today.

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Future Life Progression