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Bury St Edmunds

Marie Winterbone

3 Coppy Meadow    Hartest    Bury St Edmunds    Suffolk    IP29 4EL  Map

Tel :  0203 137 4393   Mobile:  07920 112676




Studying Past Lives is a fascinating subject but can also bring profound healing and understanding with any challenges we are facing in our lives today.

Sometimes if a client is undergoing conventional hypnotherapy the underlying cause may not be found and therefore a cure is not achieved and the problems persist.  It is possible that the cause of the problem is rooted in a previous life but the effects of this root cause has been carried over into the client's current life.

By assisting the client to safely regress into the experiences of previous lives than the root cause can be made to manifest, understood by the client, abreaction obtained and the problem removed.

Would you like to know who you have been in a past life?

Do you have phobias, fears, dreams, birth marks that may have a link to a past life?

Past Life Therapy (Regression) takes you on a journey into your past lives using hypnosis to unlock any memories from your subconscious that may help with removing and releasing unresolved reactions and/or patterns; emotional, mental or physical and bring about healing and empowerment.

Marie is also an Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Personal & SME Business Coach and Mentor and is well  known for helping people to become empowered and confident so they can initiate positive change for a more fulfilling life.


• Past Life Therapy S.N.H.S. Diploma

• Reiki Master Teacher

• HNC Body Treatments: Manual

• HNC Reflexology

• HNC Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Body

• HNC Safe and Hygienic Salon Practices

• Indian Head Massage

• Advanced Indian Head Massage

• Shamanic Practitioner


• Past Life Therapists Association

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Toni Jehan

1 Windermere Road    Felixstowe    Suffolk   IP11 9TR  Map

Tel :  01394 549169   Mobile:  07780 787766




Past Life Regression Therapy can help to bring healing and understanding of many ongoing health issues occurring in our bodies and patterns recurring in our lives.

Sometimes we need to get to the root of a problem before we can begin to deal with it. Past Life Regression Therapy is a natural and safe means of unlocking the origins of many issues, bringing relief and awareness, helping negate many fears and phobias.

Toni is also a Tarot Reader with 17+ years' experience, as well as an Author, Teacher and Public Speaker, offering Spiritual Guidance and Life Purpose talks, offering people choices for change.


• Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression I.A H.T Diploma

• Professional Tarot I.P.H.M Diploma


• Past Life Therapists Association

• International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

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Sarah Payne

25 Post Mill Gardens   Grundisburgh   Woodbridge   Suffolk   IP13 6UP Map

Tel :  01473 738038



Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnosis that allows you to take a journey into your past lives that are normally locked up in your subconscious.

You can actually experience who you have been and where you have lived, way back into history, sometimes quite vividly to the point of being able to also smell things like rabbit stew on the pot!

Most people consider Past Life Regression for curiosity purposes but I have also worked with clients with a specific anxiety such as a fear of water; being fascinated by a particular culture such as the Knights Templar; or considering a specific person such as a partner and wondering if they have lived lives together before. There is no limit to what you might see or where you might go and it is nearly always a surprise and unexpected, even with preconceived ideas as to who one might have been. I have had clients see themselves in evening wear on cruise liners from the 1920’s; as a dandy brushing snuff off clothes in France; as a young female hunter with a bow and catching rabbits; as a police officer in France in a Revolution; as a man describing life amongst Vikings, big hairy men with hairy waistcoats, and carving double ended canoes; as a man in gangland America running a poker game; as a nurse in WWII; and as a man running a tarmac factory in London. Britain and Europe feature most of the time but one can also see lives further away. Clients often see loved ones or friends in their past lives by looking into the eyes of people they meet in a scene, showing that we travel in time with groups of people. Some people see themselves pass over after death but find it a calm and comforting experience. It’s always fascinating for both of us and there are good therapeutic reasons for considering Regression and how it can impact on your present life, providing explanations for behaviour and how you relate to particular people that you may be travelling with in a ‘soul group’. It creates a great peace of knowing that you have lived before, and will again most likely, and therefore taking the pressure off doing and achieving everything in this life. You can just do it in the next!

At the end of a Regression session I have also started to carry out Crystal Therapy with my clients for injuries that they have sustained in their past lives, as strange as that seems. I was finding that clients seeing a particular injury in a past life scene were actually indicating that the injury was carrying forward negative energy to their present life body, presumably brought forward with the soul. As part of my regular Crystal Therapy work I have then been able to clear this energy imprint from the present life body. A good example of this is the client who saw himself as a Roman soldier in a past life remarking on a very heavy sword hurting his hands. Coming out of the hypnosis at the end I could find 'red hot' energy still in his hands, a place where he had trouble previously in this lifetime, and so was able to help relieve him of this.

Included within the Regression session are an mp3 audio recording of your voice during the hypnosis so you can hear what you sound like. I have had clients saying amusing things which are worth hearing, or using a different voice, but also just to remind themselves of what they saw. I also type up the transcript for reference in the future.

Recent testimonials for my work include:

“I have had Past Life Regression before and found this was skilfully handled by Sarah. It was a bit like watching and being in a film. We visited three lives which had relevance to my current life, and they provided a lot of insight as to why certain things may be happening now. Sarah is a ‘safe pair of hands’ to do this work with”

“Thank you for a most enlightening and interesting morning. I seem to have a subconscious that loves a good chat! What we found will give me food for thought for a long time, and has left me with some very positive feelings”

“My life has definitely changed since the Regression. I no longer have trouble with public speaking and everything has got easier, thank you"

Join me….let the journey begin!


• Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy

• Professional Qualifications In Dowsing for Health and Geopathic Stress

• Diploma in Crystal and Sound Therapy


 Independent Professional Therapists International £1M cover


• Past Life Therapists Association

• Registered Practitioner with the British Society of Dowsing

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