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Do you believe you have lived before? Are you open-minded but curious? Are you sceptical? Or are you looking for a safe, effective form of therapy which has many benefits?

In fact, whatever you believe, we can work together from the point of view that past life therapy works – and that it’s not important whether the past lives that we find together are “real” or not. And even if you don’t need “therapy”, PLT can help you in other ways, such as discovering your life purpose or exploring present relationships. You can benefit from PLT; please call for more information.


· Certified Past Life Regression Specialist (UK Academy / NCFE)
· BSc (Hons) Psychology
· Practitioner’s Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
· Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
· Advanced Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies
· EmoTranceTM Practitioner
· Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist      
· Diploma in Personal Development
· Diploma in Stress Management Training
· Diploma in Organisational Stress Management
· Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma  

Memberships / Awards

· Accredited Member - The National Council for Hypnotherapy
· Full Member - The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies
· MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

Central London

1 Harley Street

Liz Vincent D.Hyp. MHF, SQHP, MPLTA, ABNLP, IARRT, Adv EFT & EmoTrance,

Senior  Hypnotherapist and Leading Past Life Regression Therapist, NLP, EFT, Spirit Release and EmoTrance, practitioner Theta healer and Trainer

One Harley Street  London   Map

Tel: 020 339 72513    Mobile:  07769 682383
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Past life Regression is a wonderful way to help us to understand who we are and what is our real purpose in life is. Past life therapy can clear anxiety, trauma, phobias and deep physical and emotional pain.

Liz has appeared on Sky One Television, BBC Radio London, BBC  Radio Bristol and in Cosmopolitan, New Woman, Prediction, Time Out and Bon Marche’ magazines. She was chosen by Soul & Spirit Magazine to feature in their ‘Tried & Tested’ section on past life regression.

Her book Finding the Light- How to achieve inner peace by forgiving past and present life traumas is now available. Please go to for more information.

For more information about how Liz can help you please go to Liz’s site

• Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Hypnothink Foundation (Ursula Markham)
• Cert in Scientific & Clinical Hypnotherapy from Tom Silver Institute
• California USA (Attended course with Tom Silver & Ormond McGill)
• Cert in Early Age Regression and Past Life Regression Tom Silver Institute.
• Cert in Past Life Regression from Hypnothink Foundation.
• Tachyon Practitioner (David Wagner)
• Reiki Master
• Advanced EFT Practitioner AMT (Sandrea Hillawi)
• Emo Trance Practitioner AMT (Sandra Hillawi)
• Cert Hypnosis for Childbirth (David Kato)
• NLP practitioner ( WestOne)
• Adv Theta Practitioner & instructor ( Vianna Stibel)
• Theta Intuitive anatomy instructor (Vianna Stibel)
• Spirit Release practitioner (Lucy Baker)
• Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


• SQHP with GHR and GHSC
• The AMT for EFT and EmoTrance

Past Life Regression Therapists in London

North London N11

Fiona Childs

Friern Barnet London N11  Map

Telephone 0208 3685203  Mobile 07956 806663

Offers Past Life Regression, Past Life Therapy and Hypnotherapy.


· DPLT Diploma in Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy.


· MPLTA  Member of the Past Life Therapists Association


Mrs Vijaya Prasad

5 Hillcrest Gardens   Finchley   London     N3 3EY    Map

Tel: 0844 248 4711   Mobile: 07956 320042

web site:


Please see my website database here:-


• DPLT Diploma in Past Life Therapy. The Past Life Therapists Association  2011
• DMS (Humanities) Kingston University, Surrey UK 1972
• CHP National College, UK 1981
• Dip in Psychology, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy National College, UK 1999
• Adv. Dip in Hypno-Psychotherapy National College, UK 2002


• MPLTA Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

North West London NW1

Nicola Dexter

24 Star Wharf,   40 St. Pancras Way,   Camden,   London   NW1 0QX   Map   

Tel: 020 7383 0222   Mobile:  07711 462923

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I have been doing past life regression therapy since 1995 and have regressed hundreds of clients back to thousands of lifetimes.  However, I specialise in supporting clients in healing those past lives so that their lives are enhanced in the present life.  Many phobias are as a result of past life trauma and also many issues in relationships or families.  Most of my clients experience that they are happier, healthier, are able to get into relationships where previously were unable to, have better relationships where previously they were challenging and understand themselves more.


· NLP Master Practitioner,
· Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner
· Hypnotherapy training recognised with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association,
· Diploma in Stress Management,
· Certified Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy,


· The Past Life Therapists Association

· Member of the Hypnotherapy Association

· International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

North London N11

Nishi Dubash

Friern Barnet  London   N11 3NH   Map

Tel:  07814 369722


Web Site:

Why Past Life Regression? Is it simple curiosity or are you looking for something more deep and meaningful? Past Life Regression can benefit those who are looking for deep, spiritual reasons for their ailments or problems in life. Past Life Regression can also be a beneficial exercise for those who are seeking their spiritual path and leading them closer to awareness and enlightenment.

Make your inner journey now and enjoy the experience.


· B.Sc (Hons)
· Reiki Master
· Bio Energy Practitioner
· Hyp.Dip.Master


· BAF reg

Past Life Regression Therapists in London

N1 and WC1
Doug Buckingham

Theobalds Natural Health Centre  WC1X 8NW  Map

Tel: 07979 750291


Web site:

Past Life Regression, Regression Therapy, Life Between Lives, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Training, Aura Soma (R)

Regression, whether its to the earlier part of the current life or to past lives, is a very transformative process and can give us valuable insights into our lives.  It’s not necessarily about who we were or even what we did: the point of past life work is to enable a soul to understand the consequences of previous choices and to know that each individual is ultimately responsible for shaping and creating his or her life in the present. The knowledge we gain can help us overcome obstacles, phobias, fear and habits, resolve relationship issues and much more.

Life between Lives or LBL is for those who have experienced regression and are looking for an even more profound experience, LBL is the next step.  LBL enables you to enter memories of the 'in-between-lives' realm where we reside when we are not incarnated. We journey from your last life on Earth, discovering what you have learnt from past lives, what you may be still working on.

Perhaps you've always wanted to know about your life purpose, or how choices were made for the life to come & situation you would be born in to? Why you chose your family, what qualities you chose to bring to support you & the challenges you looked for along the way?

This is an empowering and enriching experience where you can witness and relax into your own immortality, thus increasing your perspective on both life & the Universe


• Diploma in Regression Therapy from the Regression Academy
• Certificate in Life between Lives from the Regression Academy
• Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from LCCH
• Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from LCCH

• Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
• Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
• Lightarian Reiki Teacher
• UK Reiki Federation Master/Teacher Member

• Aura Soma Level 3 Practitioner
• Full Healing Accreditation from the College of Psychic Studies


• Member of the Past Life Therapists  Association
• Member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA)
• UK Reiki Federation Master/Teacher Member
• Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (MBSCH)
• Member of the General Register of Hypnotherapy (GHR)
• Member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapists (BIH)
• Registered with ASIACT (Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technologies)

West London and South West London

Sha LéWilante

West London

Urban Bliss, 333 Portobello Road   Ladbroke Grove   London   W10 5SA   Map

South West London

Neal's Yard Remedies 6 Northcote Road  Clapham  SW11 1NT  Map

Tel: 07908922798

web sites:



I am a registered and qualified Past Life Regressionist, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, and Energy Healer. I specialises in Regression therapies, as well as treating trauma, anxiety states, and dream analysis.

I also work as a Medium, Clairvoyant, Trance Medium, Channeller, & Psychic. My aim is to help people find their own innate abilities to heal themselves whilst assisting them throughout the processes, be it Past Life Regression or any other channel.


• Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy,
• Diploma Stress Management,
• Diploma Counselling and Psychotherapy,
• B.A. Marketing and Merchandising.
• Certificate in Past Life Regression.
• Certificate in Brief Therapy.


• MPLTA Member of The Past Life Therapists Association
• Member of the National Counselling Society
• Member of the British Holistic Medical Association
• Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register

SE10 and W2

Lorraine Flaherty

Southwick Mews, Paddington, W2 1JG   Map

Stepping Stones, Greenwich, SE10 9TS   Map

Tel: 07702 253 660


web site:

Past Life Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Future Life Progression and Lives between Lives. The key aim of my work is to help others to heal the past, accept the present and create a powerful and positive future.

This allows them to eliminate negative beliefs and behaviours and develop their full potential.

Past Life Therapy provides an opportunity to go on a journey of personal development. Allowing people to discover more about who they may have been before and as a result, why they react the way they do in certain situations and with certain people. The healing that occurs provides freedom from any limitations and blocks to success.

I now teach Clinical Hypnosis in Medical Schools all over the country including Oxford, Cambridge, Nottingham, York, Leeds, London.


· Certificate from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis
· Diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis
· Practitioner Diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis
· Master Practitioner of NLP, trained with and assisted Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler


· Member of the Past Life Therapists  Association
· Full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis


Lorna Wilson

120B Fordel Rd London SE6 1XR   Map

Tel: 0203 539 1332   Mobile: 07957 528 279


web site:


• Diploma Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy / Dolores Cannon
• Diploma in Past Life Therapy - The European College of Hypnotherapy
• Diploma Hypnotherapy - Elestial Training Center UK
• Diploma in Life Coaching Achievement Specialists Ltd
• Past Life Regression Therapy, with 3 diplomas with Elestial Training Center UK
• Dolores Cannon level 1&2. Life Coaching.


Member of the Past Life Therapists  Association


Simona Continente BA PGDip MPLTA

Mobile UK and Italy or Islington, London

Tel: 07772 536292


web site:

Web site in Italian:

I am a Past Life Regressionist, a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist (Dolores Cannon), a Medium and a Spiritual Coach. I am one of the many souls who are here to help to raise the vibrations of the collective. I work with Angelic, Interdimensional and Extraterrestrial Beings. I focus on the empowerment of individuals who seek help in resolving practical, physical, emotional and spiritual issues. I reconnect them with their real identity, and help them to accept and love who they really are: Fearless divine beings of infinite possibilities. I operate in a non-dualistic way, as well as beyond the third dimension.


• Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist,
• BA (Hons) Religions
• PGDip Humanities


Member of the Past Life Therapists  Association

South West London

Malvia Kenlock BA, MA, QHHT, DERB

63 Killyon Road, Clapham London SW8 2XS   Map

Tel: 0207 207 9204   Mobile: 07908 430057


web site:

Do you want to get past blocks that affect you negatively?
Just imagine for a moment .. that you have...
How does that feel?  
Lighter ..

Past Life Regression is perhaps one of the best tools for overcoming psychological blocks, or resistances you feel in your life. Together we access the core issues and excavate the best version of your self.  The first step is to call .… 07908430057
OR  Check out my website see link above.


• Master's  Creative Writing & Self- Development
• Diploma  Quantum Healing Hypnosis/ Dolores Cannon
• Diploma  Clinical Hypnotherapy / Hypnotic Solutions Ltd
• Diploma  Deep Emotional Release Bodywork I,II,III./Jim Hyman
• Diploma  Neuro-Cellular Re-patterning/ Art Martin
•Certificate  Reflexolgy


Member of the Past Life Therapists  Association
• Lapidus

EC1, W1 and W9

Hanna Newstead

Maida Vale   Map

Tel:   07967 809353



Have you ever had déjà vue, felt that a place seemed familiar but you have not visited it before, or had an inexplicable fear? Have you ever wondered why you exist or asked yourself the meaning of your life? Past Life Therapy can help you to relieve your curiosity and answer these questions, or actually remove a current problem in your life. Past Life therapy can help you to understand the journey of your soul.

I am a professional Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist  (CBT Hypno - a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnosis) and also offer current and Past Life Therapy. As a student of Kabbalah for 12 years (this lifetime at least!), I combine my knowledge of this ancient wisdom as reincarnation is one of its fundamental principles, with the tools of hypnosis to help you understand past and this life’s lessons. This can help you to remove any pain and blockages from the past, freeing you up to move forward in your current life. I also use CBT- Hypno to help you to make practical changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours following the past life work if needed, or as a stand-alone therapy.

Sessions are 1.5 hrs. Fee is from £150 including notes and recording. The session is recorded as an MP3, enabling you to explore the session in your own time.

Appointments are also available in the evenings as well as Sundays, in Elstree and Borehamwood, and in the West End, Harley St.

They take place in a comfortable, relaxed and modern environment.


• Dip CBH    The UK  College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy  

• One week professional training course with Dr Brain Weiss, USA 2007


• MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association

• GHR General Hypnotherapy Register


Brenda Cox MNCH, HPD, DipCHyp, NLP Mprac

The Lewis Clinic   1 Harley Street   London   W1G 9QD   Map

Tel:   07895 290528



I am a professionally qualified and experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist offering Past Life, Between Life and Current Life Regression. I work full-time as a Hypnotherapist, so you can be assured of a safe and relaxing regression experience.

I believe everyone is a unique individual and will always aim for you to achieve your own particular goals of the session. So you can choose to work on a specific issue or concern you have in this life, or simply to explore your past lives or between lives experiences out of curiosity and interest.

Appointments are available evenings and Saturday mornings.


• Hypnotherapy Diploma
• Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy
• NLP Master Practitioner


• MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association.
• National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)
• Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
• Association for Meridian Energy Therapies (AMT)

Skype and Telephone


0203 239 7344

Skype :

Main website:


Professional Titles

Past Life Regression Therapist
Vedic Personality Expert
Spiritual Counsellor,
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

My purpose is to help others live a happy, healthy life. No matter where you are, I'm a firm believer you can evolve into the person you were meant to be. I think we owe it to ourselves to strive toward our potential and find happiness in the process.

My name is Zaara and I am a highly qualified practising HypnoPsychotherapist based in the London UK. I offer a repertoire of traditional therapies , unique hypnosis focused therapies, vedic astrological readings and wellbeing services to clients worldwide in the comfort of their own space and home.
I expertly utilise the clients birth chart to enhance the experience of therapy / Service. The birthchart
is the clients blueprint of their personality, gifts, and abilities just to name a few. I make use of this technique amply when conducting my services for clients to help them understand more about themselves. This in effect helps them achieve the changes they desire in life and to live self authentically.

My main aim in this role to is to reach out to many people globally who seek alternative medicine and advice however who do not have the means to approach a professional in person. As a result they are unable to obtain the support which will help empower their lives.

Please see my websites for more information about all my therapies and services that cater to clients from all walks of life.


I have written, designed and self published two mini E guides for the newly spirituals on the path . 100% of profit from my books go to girl empowerment charities. This is a social cause I feel very strongly about and this arrangement will never cease. My books are available in PDF format and are available to purchase from my website 'The Secret Indigo Chair '. They can be found under 'Zaara's Writings'
The E Books are called :
The Awakened Prophecies of A Twin Flame In Waiting (Nov 2013)
And Power Notes For The Woman Who Walks Her Life Path (Apr 2014)

I also regularly write a woman empowerment poetry blog called "The Scribbles of a Quintessential Woman " and this deals with the highs and lows of the feminine existence. The blog can also be found on my website 'The Secret Indigo Chair ' under Zaara's blog.

Specialism and Expertise

The Secret Indigo Chair
Bespoke Skype Consultations and Therapy Services For Women Worldwide
Life Hypnotherapies, Past Life Therapy, Past Life Energy Therapy,
Future Life Progressions, Life Between Lives, Age Regression Therapy
Talking Therapies, Vedic Skype Consultations,
Vedic Analysis Reports Twin Flame Support Counselling

The Past Life Doctor
Birth chart astrological readings emphasising on your past lives impacting you today.
Affordable Past Life Vedic Analysis Email Readings

The Vedic Psycho
Mind and Personality Exploration and analysis with the Psychotherapeutic Astrologer
In Depth and insightful Personality Vedic Analysis Email Readings for men and women.


• Academic and Professional Qualifications:
• PH.D in Metaphysical Sciences (Impending)
• BA Honours (Undergraduate) Degree Psychology
• MA (Postgraduate) Degree Psychoanalysis
• Diploma in Past Life Therapy and Hypnotherapy
• Professional Certificate in Self Confidence
• Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy and Hypnotherapy
• Diploma in Past Life Energy Therapy
• Degree of Enhancement in Psychic Mediumship
• Professional Diploma in Psychic Development
• Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Qualification
• Professional Certificate in Soul Discovery
• Professional Diploma in Astrology
• Diploma in Child Psychology
• Professional Diploma in Body Language
• Diploma in Virtual Gastric Banding Hypnosis Therapy
• Diploma of Distinction in Spiritual Counselling
• Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


• MPLTA (Past Life Therapists Association)
• ANLPC (The International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching )



Charterhouse Clinic, 98 Crawford Street, Marylebone, London W1H 2HL   Map


22a Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 2RG   Map

Tel :  079 3984 7678




Discover past lives: Who you were: Where you have been: What you have done

This journey of discovery could help you get to the root of fears, phobias and irrational behaviours, on the other  hand you could simply enjoy the ride through relaxing gentle hypnosis.


• Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy

• Diploma in Smoking Cessation Therapy

• Reiki Master/Teacher

• Master Practitioner of NLP,

• Master Practitioner Time Line™

• Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy




• Past Life Therapists Association


• American Board of Hypnotherapy

• The Time Line Therapy Association


Nicolas Aujula

Wimbledon, SW19 (South West London)  Map

Tel :  07596 94 00 20



Ever wondered if you've been here before? Had flashbacks or re-occurring dreams? Suffer from unexplainable health problems, phobias or life patterns? Past Life Regression could provide a life changing answer today!

Nicolas Aujula, is a highly experienced Past Life Regression Therapist who provides an accelerated solution focused approach to facilitate personal insight and release to create a better future today. Not only can you discover who you've been before but you can also overcome unexplainable health problems, fears and phobias, behavioural and relationship patterns as we carry forth old dynamics and patterns. Also specialising in Hypnotherapy, Present Life Regression, Life Between Life and Future Life Progression.

Nicolas has gone onto prove sceptics wrong when appearing on 'ITV DAYBREAK' to support the story of Lisa Palmer who was cured of life-long migraines through re-living a past-life head injury during Regression. His successful health PLR case-studies have appeared in THE SUN for migraines, SPIRIT & DESTINY for IBS and CHAT for respiratory problems with media reviews featured in DAILY MAIL, SUNDAY EXPRESS and PSYCHOLOGIES.


• Diploma in Curative Hypnotherapy
• Diploma in Hypno-Analysis and Regression
• Diploma in Cognitive Therapy
• Diploma in NLP
• Diploma in Astrology


Towergate Professional Risks


• Past Life Therapists Association

West London W2

Angela Peters

Flat 2 - 44 Westbourne Terrace - London W2 3UH   Map



I am a fully qualified Past Life Regressionist , Sound Healer & Reiki  Master, Practitioner and Teacher in original Japanese Usui method. My Therapies may be taken as stand alone treatments or as a combined treatment, please see my website for further details.

• Diploma in Sound Healing

• Diplomas in Reiki Energy Healing levels 1-2 & 3 Master/Practitioner/Teacher

• Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy


• Past Life Therapists Association

• Member of Atlantis College

• Member of Complementary Medical Association & Sound Healers Association


Annie Robbins

Please contact for location

Tel:  07989 023 064


web site:

I am a professionally registered and qualified Hypnotherapist specialising in Regression therapy as well as stress related symptoms, and I have a busy practice in Knightsbridge, London. My clients come from all walks of life.

In my previous career I owned and was Principal of a 90 student college in Wales, as well as owning and running a 24 bed registered nursing home in Wales.

I have spent many years attending lectures and seminars with top professionals in the field of Hypnotherapy and I am currently doing research in the field of Past Life therapy relating to this current life.

I am a member of several organisations including the General Hypnotherapy Register.


· Certified Hypnotherapist  
· Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy (Transpersonal Therapy)


· The Past Life Therapists Association
· The National Guild of Hypnotists
· Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association
· Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy
· General Hypnotherapy Register


Louise Levy

Lily House Consulting Rooms   11 The Shrubberies   George Lane   South Woodford   London   E18 1BD   Map

Tel:  07984 011429


Web site:

Thank you for finding my details. I offer a free no obligation telephone consultation so why not give me a call to find out more about this fascinating area and how it can help you personally on 07984 011429.

Whether you are simply curious to experience this spiritual concept of hypnotherapy, are interested to find out how your personal past life story unfolds or whether are looking to use it as a way of resolving deep rooted issues, you can be sure to leave my session having found out a lot more about yourself and your inner psyche. Typically clients tell me they are genuinely surprised and enlightened by the clarity, insight, awareness and understanding they have acquired through this experience.

There are so many ways that this safe therapy can be beneficial. I typically see clients for a resolution of anxiety, fears, phobias, unresolved trauma, unhelpful patterns of negative thinking, self-esteem issues and a range of physical conditions. PLT can rapidly bring about a resolution of harmony into the areas of your life that need it the most whether its health and well being, love or simply a welcome sense of making peace with your past life and letting it go.

Why not experience Past Life Therapy with no agenda? In fact 9 times out of 10 the story that unfolds for you will be exactly right for you because you will draw from it what you need to. Call me now to find out more with my free, no obligation telephone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you, and welcome answering your questions. Warm regards Louise Levy.


• MA Master Of Arts Degree(Acrt) in Guidance Counselling
• DipCAH Diploma In Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy H.E. Level 4
• DipCBH Diploma In Cognitive Behavioural Hypno-Psychotherapy
• HPD Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Gold Benchmark Standard)
• Master Practitioner In Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy
• Diploma In Advanced Weight Control and Hypnotic Gastric Band
• Master Practitioner In Working With Children (Certificated)
• Specialist Certification In Emotional Trauma Regression
• PNLP Practitioner Of Neuro Linguistic Programming
• MNCH(Acc)Snr Member Of The National Council For Hypnotherapy
• GHR GQHP General Qualification In Hypnotherapy Practice
• Adv DipLC Advanced Diploma In CBT Life Coaching (Distinction)
• PG DipCG Post Graduate Degree In Careers Guidance H.E Level 5
• Chronic Pain / Stress Illness Advanced Specialist (SIRPA)
• BTFT British Thought Field Therapist (Algorithm Level)
• DPLT Diploma In Past Life Therapy
• BPS British Psychological Society (Level A)


• The Past Life Therapists Association
• NCH National Council For Hypnotherapy
• CNHC Complementary Natural Healthcare Council
• UK Thought Field Therapy Association


Charlotte Daniel

Camden  London   NW1 9TZ

Phone: 01308 424535

Mobile: 07779510701

Website : TBA



• Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Level Two (Dolores Cannon)


• Past Life Therapists Association

South West London SW5

Maria Zhuravleva




Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Past Life Regression.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a profound healing technique which involves a past life regression and communication with the Subconscious (the Higher Self). An individual is guided through one of their past lives which have a significant message for their present life. The Subconscious is the power that is capable of giving healing and guidance during the session.

Past Life regression can clear emotional and physical blocks, clarify life’s purpose and lessons, explain the cause for repeated patterns and relationships and give helping advice.

For more information please see:

Contact email:


• Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Level II (Dolores Cannon)

• Diploma in Past Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy


• Past Life Therapists Association


Theresa Borg

Wrenthorpe Road  Bromley  BR1 5QJ   Map

Tel:   07817 217085



Past Life Therapy, Life between Lives, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Spiritual Development. Some clients wish to experience past life regression etc just for curiosity's sake which is fine. However, some seek answers for today by learning the lessons from the past. Therefore, not only do I aim to help all of my clients, to discover and integrate key information that has been gleaned from their regression but I will ensure that they are then able to relate that information to the issues of the present life. In this way, any of the  above therapies that the client has chosen to experience will be beneficial in both healing the issues of the present and also may lead to a better understanding of themselves. In this way they may also look forward to a healthier, happier future.


• Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy DCH
• Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy DHP
• General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Pracrtice GQHP
• BA (hons)


• MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association
• GHR General Hypnotherapy Register


Eva Kokavcova

The Poplars Oakwood London   N14 4HH   Map

Tel:   07942 371891



As a Psychic Reader,Hypnotherapist & Advanced Past Life Regression Therapist,Reiki Healer and Massage Therapist I offer a range of healing, personal development services to give you the insight and clarity you seek and to support you in making positive changes in your life. You may wish to use several of my services or you may select the specific type of sessions that fit your needs. I offer several services because I have an expansive skill set and feel passionate about using these skills in the most effective way possible to support you in making the most of your life's journey. Whether you're seeking personal or spiritual growth, my specialty lies in exploring the interaction between your Soul's destiny and the choices you're making in the present so you can honor your higher path and thrive on all levels. You are co-creating your contract with the Universe so why not get the most out of your journey?


• DPLT Advanced Diploma in Past Life Therapy,
• Life between Lives and Future Life Progression
• Qualified Hypnotherapist
• Emotional Freedom Technique Practicioner
• Reiki Practicioner
• Psychic and Tarot Reader
• Holistic Massage Therapist


• MPLTA  Member of The Past Life Therapists Association
• IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International)

Louise Levy - E18

Fiona Childs  -  N11

Nishi Dubash  -  N11

Barry Cooper  -  NW2

Nicola Dexter  -  NW1

Charlotte Daniel - NW1

Sha LeWilante -  W10 and SW11

Simona Continente - N19

Malvia Kenlock - SW8

Brenda Cox - W1

Nicolas Aujula - SW19

Eva Kokavcova - N14

Liz Vincent - W1

Hanna Newstead - EC1, W1 and W9

Doug Buckingham - WC1 and  N1

Vijaya Prasad - N3

Lorraine Flaherty - SE10 and W2

Lorna Wilson - SE6 1XR

Carole Ivey - W1

Angela Peters - W2

Annie Robbins - SW1X

Maria Zhuravleva - SW5

Theresa Borg - Bromley  BR1

Zaara Jivan - Skype and Telepnone

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